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Welcome to A1 network with your number

Detailed information

Contact any A1 brand center with the following documents to connect the service:

For a proxy: the authority to conclude a contract and to receive inventory items can be recorded in one power of attorney.

You cannot use the service if you are not authorized to receive a SIM card.

If an A1 subscriber calls the number transferred to the new network, they will hear the recorded notification “The dialed number is transferred to the network of another operator”. The notification will not be played in roaming.

You can transfer your number to A1 and get a new SIM card by choosing any current A1 tariff.

You can transfer the number only if you have a contract with the original operator. We will connect your number to the A1 network within 24 hours if there are no financial claims from the previous operator.

The number transferred to the A1 network must be dialed in the international format, since its double with a different operator code may exist in the network.

You can re-transfer your number to another network 90 days after the last transfer.

To connect, you need to select a tariff plan and make a prepayment

You can terminate the contract due to number transfer free of charge.