SIP telephony from A1. Solutions for business


Detailed information

SIP telephony from A1 is the provision of voice services over a fixed-line network using the SIP protocol.

  • SIP telephony is provided only on the basis of the fixed A1 Internet at the address of the location of the client’s terminal equipment;
  • The client connects the required number of subscriber numbers of the company to receive and make calls;
  • The client selects the required package of channels for organizing call routing;
  • Connected numbers are combined into groups (one or more);
  • Each group is bound to the client connection point;
  • The main subscriber number with the “SIP Connection” tariff plan is mandatory for connection in each group, the rest of the numbers in the group are additional and are connected if necessary;
  • The client independently configures the terminal subscriber device using the registration parameters provided by the company.
  • Ability to select the required channel package and the required number of subscriber numbers without SIM cards;
  • Operational scaling: ability to change the channel package and the number of subscriber numbers;
  • Excellent quality of communication;
  • Free calls within the network, special tariffs for calls to other networks and international calls;
  • Ability to connect additional packages of minutes to other networks.

Provided to legal entities that already have or are planning to have:

  • own call center;
  • sales service;
  • technical support service;
  • dispatching or consulting service;
  • bank;
  • online store.
  • The client can leave a request to connect the service by contacting the company in any convenient way (by calling the information and referral service at 150 or by contacting a personal manager).
  • In response to the request, the client will be offered a questionnaire to identify the needs and possibilities of connecting the service.
  • Service connection is carried out within 30 working days after the service parameters have been agreed.

The service provision procedure is available at the link.