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Split bill

Detailed information

The service can be provided to subscribers of all legal entities, the users of corporate tariff plans.

A legal entity client has the right to limit the possibility of connecting the «Split bill» service for its subscribers.

The service period is 30 days with automatic renewal.

The cost of the service for an individual is 0.15 BYN with VAT and is written off from the account of an individual every 30 days. There is no service fee for legal entities.

  • The «Split bill» service is activated when the user of the subscriber number of a legal entity applies to A1 stores as an individual or when purchasing equipment in an A1 E-shop. One must have an identity document when contacting A1 stores.
  • Deactivation of the service «Split bill» is made in A1 stores by terminating the contract with an individual. At the same time, it is necessary to repay the debt, as well as other financial obligations under the terminated contract. If mobile Internet was connected with «Split bill», then after the termination of the contract with an individual, the legal entity client makes the payment for the service.
  • In case of termination/re-registration of the contract by a legal entity in relation to a subscriber, having the «Split bill» service, fees for the equipment purchased in installments and the subscription fee for the service will continue to be debited from the personal account of the individual.
  • The «Split bill» service allows one to pay independently installments for equipment and/or charges for Mobile Internet (both traffic and the cost of packages).
  • To activate the «Split bill» service, an individual who is simultaneously a user of the subscriber number of a legal entity concludes a separate contract on the provision of telecommunications services.
  • Payment for the services is made on the personal account number of the contract concluded with an individual.
  • The equipment can be purchased on the company's website in E-shop section.

The procedure for services provision as part of corporate offers is available at the link.