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Up to June 30th, 2023, there is a special offer – a 40% «Own solution.Compact» year fee discount for a new connection together purchasing «Smart-terminal» from A1.

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The complex solution includes

Smart-касса PAX A930

рассрочка до 24 мес.
от 54,25 руб./мес. - 24 мес
от 100,60 руб./мес. - 11 мес


3 in 1 device
Acceptance of cash and electronic payment via contactless cards,
chip cards and magnetic stripe cards, check printing.

To send data and download updates, Smart-terminal is registered
within the scope of Internet solutions and Business Unlim VIP.

USB connector as the operator control tool
Convenience of using the built-in operator control tool to perform
the functions of cash register control system.

Acquiring service
A wide range of banks for acquiring.

Data protection is confirmed by the compliance certificate;
cash documents are saved in offline mode.

Available banks for acquiring services

Spheres of usage

Online shopping
(shopping malls and small shops)
Food delivery
(excepting gas filling stations and passenger transportation)

Purchase options for the solution Smart-terminal A1

How to connect

*A1 employee undertakes the tasks of registering the operator control tool, concluding an agreement with the operator of the software POS-terminal, setting up the terminal for the acquiring bank you choose;

**Specify details of acquiring conditions directly at the selected bank.

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