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Mobile call center

Detailed information

After connecting the service, the administrator of the Personal Account or a subscriber who has been granted access to the “Administrator of the Mobile Call Center” can manage the service in the “Mobile Call Center” section in the Personal Account.

Detailed instructions can be found at the link.

The Administrator of the Mobile Call Center is given the opportunity to:

  • make the necessary settings: set the working hours of the entire mobile call center and, if necessary, the personal working hours of operators;
  • set audio greetings for incoming calls. Greetings can be different for working and non-working hours, can be omni-purpose, uploaded by default, or your own, recorded and uploaded by yourself;
  • add new operators to the mobile call center, including those who are not subscribers of a legal entity client. An employee who is not a subscriber of a legal entity client must send a confirmation SMS to 1515 with the text YES to be added to the group. A prerequisite is that operators must be A1 subscribers. Subscribers of the “Privet” line and subscribers of other networks cannot be operators of a mobile call center;
  • set the rules for the distribution of incoming calls between operators (for example, random, balanced, or depending on the set priority);
  • restrict receiving calls using the “black” (subscribers in this list will not be able to call the mobile call center number) or “white” lists (only the specified subscribers will be able to call the mobile call center number);
  • provide operators with an opportunity to independently suspend work within a mobile call center via SMS. To suspend their work, operators who have this opportunity, need to send an SMS to 1515 with the number 0, and to resume work, send 1 to the same number;
  • view reports on the operation of the service and each employee using it.

Mobile call center operators can call back to clients with the substitution of a personal number for a number used as a multichannel one. To call back, the number of the called subscriber must be dialed in the republican format, putting two asterisks in front of it, for example, **80291234567.

  • to work in the web-interface of the service, the subscriber must have access to the Personal Account
  • upon connection of the “Mobile Call Center” service, all types of call forwarding are disabled for the subscriber and an unconditional operator call forwarding to the number +375296000270 is set. For this reason, a subscriber using the “Mobile Call Center” service cannot be his own operator
  • the possibility of making international calls with the substitution of the operator’s personal number for the mobile call center number is not provided
  • The “Mobile Call Center” service can be assigned to the number on which the Short Number service is activated. If the organization connected the short number only in A1, then only A1 subscribers will be able to dial it

The service is provided to the legal entity clients of the company.

From October 10, 2023, activation of the Mobile Call Center service is unavailable.

he service provision period is 30 days with automatic renewal. The cost of the service is debited at a time in full upon connection and then every 30 days. The one-time payment amount for adding a number to a mobile call center group is debited from the multichannel number.

The service provision procedure is available at the link.