Smart mailout from А1 service. Solutions for business

Smart Sender

Maximum coverage of potential customers
Effective message format: text + picture + link
Reports on each message in the Personal Account
Delivery of Viber messages to 95% of users
Post-payment from one A1 customer account
Data safety - the platform is located in the A1 data center

Cost of services



 Sending SMS:



 Cost in BYN with VAT



 1 message within the network*






 1 message to other networks in Belarus*






 1 message to all networks of the Republic of Belarus (cumulative mailing list)*






 1 message in the network of foreign operators (except the Russian Federation)






 1 message in the network of operators of the Russian Federation






 Subscription fee for Alpha name for sending SMS



 free of charge



*Special offer for SMS Sender



 Viber sending:



 Sending directions and costs in BYN with VAT


















 1 transactional message


















 1 advertising message


















 Subscription fee for Alpha name for Viber sending*



 625 BYN, includes the cost of advertising and transactional messages


* If you do not plan to carry out Viber sending next month, you can set the Alpha name in Viber to pause from the 1st day of a new month (according to Viber international rules, setting the Alpha name to pause is possible no more than 3 times a calendar year). In this case, the subscription fee will not be charged. To do this, it is necessary to send a corresponding application on the letterhead, no later than the 20th of the month preceding the month of the pause.

Detailed information

The solution includes:

  • Web-interface (platform) allowing sending messages via SMS, Viber (advertising and transactional mailout), Viber + SMS channels;
  • А1 communication services.


  • Creating a mailout via SMS and Viber channels
  • Delayed sending of messages;
  • Sending messages on schedule;
  • Managing the speed of mailing;
  • Opening a 2way channel on the Viber platform and receiving responses from subscribers;
  • Viewing message delivery statuses and statistics online;
  • Loading and exporting data in xlsx, csv formats;
  • Connecting Alpha name for SMS and Viber;
  • Picture inside the message, clickable button to go to the site, support for long messages (via Viber channel);
  • Advertising/Transactional mailouts of large volumes;
  • Automatic sending of SMS in cases when the message was not delivered via the Viber channel;
  • Smooth mailing;
  • Mailing via API-protocol.

The Smart mailout service is available to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are served according to corporate tariff plans, except for the TP lines Telemetry and Data transmission.

1. Send an application on letterhead to the email address to connect the service “Access to SMS and Viber Platform”. In the application, indicate the subscriber number with any TP for legal entities (except for Data Transfer and Telemetry) which will be used as a login when registering on the platform;
1.1 If you plan to send SMS messages outside the Republic of Belarus, you are to request such an opportunity for the existing Alpha-name in your application form indicating the necessary countries according to the sample, and also send a filled in form with sample messages.
2. After connecting the service, you need to register on the platform, specifying as a login the subscriber number to which the service was connected;
3. On the platform, in the “Sender names” section, leave applications for the establishment of Alpha-names for SMS and/or Viber. All alpha names are moderated. Alpha name verification is carried out within 3-7 days from the moment of sending the request;
4. After confirming the Alpha name, you can create a mailout text, upload your customer base and perform the mailout.

The user’s Personal Account is available at the link.

The procedure for the provision of the Smart mailout service is available at the link.