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Internet box

Offer description

Internet Box complex solution is unlimited Internet and equipment from 1 ruble.
Choose a modem/router and a tariff plan with unlimited Internet.


Modern equipment from 1 ruble
Free courier delivery
Stable connection
Unlimited mobile internet
Ease of use

Comprehensive solutions

Internet Box 1.0

1,00 rubles
for equipment (one-time)
tariff subscription fee (month)

Internet Box 2.0

14,90 rubles
for equipment (one-time)
tariff subscription fee (month)

Internet Box 3.0

19,90  rubles
for equipment (one-time)
tariff subscription fee (month)

Internet Box 4.0

19,90 rubles
for equipment (one-time)
tariff subscription fee (month)

Where can be used

Detailed information

“Internet Box” is a 3G/4G modem or a 3G/4G outer and unlimited Internet traffic within the range of Business Unlim tariff plans. More details.

The opportunity to connect the “Internet Box” is provided to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, residents of the Republic of Belarus, upon concluding a new contract/connecting a new subscriber under the tariff plan of the “Business Unlim” line.

The offer does not apply to subscribers who have received the right to use a subscriber number as a result of re-registration.

The cost of equipment is paid one-time upon connection, then only the subscription fee of the selected tariff plan is paid monthly.

Mobile Internet is provided according to the tariff plan of the “Business Unlim” line chosen by you. The tariff plan includes up to 30 GB of traffic at the maximum speed, after the end of the included traffic unlimited traffic at a speed of up to 2 Mbps is available.

When connecting the Business Unlim VIP tariff plan, Internet traffic is provided without speed limits.

The service provision procedure is available at the link.