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Call Forwarding

Detailed information

1. Unconditional call forwarding (“All calls”) – all incoming calls are forwarded to the phone number you specified;

2. Call forwarding on condition – incoming calls are forwarded to the specified number depending on the condition:

  • You do not answer the call for, for example, 2 minutes (you set the time yourself)
  • Your phone number is busy
  • Your phone number is unavailable

Calls to your phone number will be forwarded to another number. To do this, in the phone menu or in your personal account, select the appropriate type of forwarding and indicate the phone number to which calls will be forwarded.

The service will not work if you disable outgoing communication services for your number or incoming communication for the number to which the forwarding is set.

Calls are charged depending on their direction in accordance with the tariff plan.

All forwardings are defined as 2G calls.

While roaming, you pay for unconditional call forwarding according to your tariff plan, and forwarding on condition, according to roaming tariffs.

By default, call forwarding on condition is prohibited in roaming. To restore the service, you can use the USSD request *117# (in Belarus).

Call forwarding is provided to all A1 subscribers.

How to connect

Service connection is possible:

1. in the Personal Account;

2. in the phone menu (follow the instructions).

The number to which the calls will be forwarded must be entered in the international format: +375 - city/network code - phone number.

How to disable

The service can be disabled:

1. in the Personal Account;

2. On the basis of a standard application sent through the А1 Belarus community in Viber or to the e-mail address;

3. On the basis of a standard application in A1 branded sales and service centers, in the office of official agents upon presentation of an identity document, as well as:

- when the head applies: a document confirming the powers of the head;

- when a proxy applies: a power of attorney for representing the interests of a legal entity.