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Call Waiting/Call Hold

Detailed information

During the conversation with the first subscriber, a beep is heard notifying that the second subscriber is calling.

The subscriber can answer the new incoming call without interrupting the connection with the first one and talk alternately with one and the other caller, changing lines. To switch the conversation, press the dedicated key, depending on the model of the device (see the instructions for the phone).

Thus, it is possible to maintain communication on several lines.

To put a phone call on hold, press the "OK", "YES" or "С" button (depending on the phone model).

To return to the call, press the same button again (see the instructions for the phone).

If one of the subscribers has put the second subscriber on hold, the second subscriber will hear a melody. It is not possible to turn off the melody.

The service is available to all subscribers of the company.

You can connect the service in one of the following ways:

1. GSM command *43# call;

2. in the phone menu.

Call waiting mode is automatically activated for new A1 subscribers.

You can check whether the call mode is enabled using the GSM command *#43# call.