Short number of 2XХ, 4XХ, 7XХХ format from А1 service. Solutions for business

Short number format 2XX, 4XX, 7XXX

Detailed information

“Short number” is a service that allows organizing access for A1 subscribers to short numbers in 2XХ, 4XХ, 7XХХ format

A1 subscribers get access to 2ХХ, 4ХХ, 7ХХХ format numbers, while all incoming calls to these numbers are forwarded to the A1 subscriber number of the legal entity to which the “Short Number” service is connected.

A short number is provided from the free numbers in the range of 7000-7776; 7778-7999.

Short numbers from the range of 200-299, 454-498 can be provided by the decision of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus.

When the “Short Number” service is connected, the “Pause” service is not provided to the routing number.

Service provision procedure.

The subscription fee for using a short number is 86.25 rubles/month. The cost of a call to a short number for A1 subscriber is 0.18* rubles per minute, billing is per minute.

* Except for the numbers for which special tariffs apply

The service is available only to A1 legal entity clients.

To get a short number, a legal entity must provide the following documents:

  • an application on a standard form letterhead
  • a copy of the certificate of registration of a legal entity
  • a copy of the decision of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus on the allocation to the organization of a number in the networks of mobile operators of the Republic of Belarus*

*For numbers of 2хх, 4хх format.

Documents for connecting the service can be sent:

  • by mail: Unitary Enterprise A1, 36-2 Internatsionalnaya str., 220030 Minsk;
  • to;
  • through the A1 Belarus community in Viber;
  • in any A1 branded sales and service center.