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Green number

Detailed information

The “Green Number” is a service that allows organizing free access for A1 subscribers to numbers of RUE Beltelecom in the format 8-801-ХХХХХХХ.

A1 subscribers get free access to 8-801-ХХХХХХХ format numbers, while the organization that owns the number in the RUE Beltelecom network pays the subscription fee and the traffic generated by the subscribers.

Access to short numbers of the 1xy, 2xy, 4xy, 7xyz format is not provided within the “Green Number” service.

The subscription fee (SF) for use is 66.50 rubles per month. SF is debited one-time in full for the entire reporting period - a calendar month.

The tariff for 1 minute of connection (billing is per minute) is 0.05 rubles.

The cost of a call for A1 subscribers to the “Green Number” is 0 rubles.

The service is available to legal entities, owners of 8-801-ХХХХХХХ format numbers in the network of RUE Beltelecom.

To conclude a contract for the “Green Number” service, you need to submit an application indicating the following information:

  • number 8-801-XXXXXXX allocated in the network of RUE Beletelcom
  • description of the services provided to the subscriber by calling the allocated number

Documents for connecting the service can be sent:

  • by mail: 36-2 Internatsionalnaya str., 220030 Minsk,
  • to
  • to any A1 branded sales and service center