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Access to telemetry data processing systems

Detailed information

“Access to the telemetry data processing system” is a service for providing access to computing resources in the A1 infrastructure, providing automated collection, accounting and control of data from remote client devices.
  • Continuous remote monitoring of engineering equipment operation;
  • Economic efficiency, reducing the cost of operating telemetry facilities;
  • Prompt detection and elimination of emergency situations; Minimizing the influence of the human factor

Telemetry equipment supporting GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ technologies allows data transmission in A1 network from terminals, vending machines, weather stations, heat meters, water meters, light meters, object security sensors and other equipment. Information about certain indicators (for example, heat and power resources, humidity, temperature, etc.), about the state and functioning of telemetry facilities via A1 data transmission networks is sent to the data processing server located in the company’s infrastructure and is displayed in the system’s WEB interface in a convenient way. The system administrator has the ability to monitor and control equipment directly from his/her workplace.

The service is provided to the company's legal entity clients on tariff plans of the “Telemetry” line.

The connection and disabling of the service is made at the request of the client in the A1 branded sales and service centers.

Legal entities can subscribe to the tariff plans of the “Telemetry” line at A1 sales and service centers, as well as at official dealers:

  • BelTransSputnik UE
  • SKB Kamerton OJSC
  • AutoGPS company (I.E. Zubik V.P.)
  • ANTELIS Electronics LLC
  • Armproektservis LLC
  • KAP Satellite Monitoring Operator (Satellite Systems LLC)
  • Ruptela PTUE
  • Wialon Operator company (NewApex LLC)
  • AutoTechnoControl LLC
  • Armproektservis LLC
  • Unified Navigation System LLC
  • SoftMax group of companies (I.E. Gaichuk M.S.)
  • Resurskontrol LLC group of companies
  • Automation 2000 LLC
  • Navitech LLC Technoton JV - CJSC
  • AS Monitoring LLC
  • PromAvtoKip LLC

The service provision procedure for «Access to the telemetry data processing system» is available at the link.

Areas of telemetry use