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Intelligent Energy Monitoring

Equipment for free use
Simple and convenient interface
Detailed analytics of energy consumption at the enterprise
Energy consumption reduction

Detailed information

The solution includes:

  1. Equipment for use:
  • modem for data transmission;
  • PAN 10/12/14/42 sensors (at option);
  1. Web interface that will allow tracking energy consumption at the enterprise;
  2. A1 communication services - Business Unlim Vip and within the scope of Internet solutions: Own solution.Compact, Own solution.Multi, Own solution.Ultra.

The service is available to customers – legal entity subscribers that are serviced by the Business Unlim TP line and within the scope of Internet solutions: Own solution.Compact, Own solution.Multi, Own solution.Ultra.

The system for wireless monitoring of equipment and production discipline control works using sensors installed on the electronic lines of the enterprise without breaking the insulation. The sensors are powered by an electromagnetic field and do not require batteries or maintenance. Every 10 seconds, the sensors transmit data via an encrypted channel to the modem, the information from which is transmitted to the user's personal account, where they can work with all data online 24/7.

  • Control over power consumption with an accuracy of a minute;
  • Reduction of electricity costs;
  • Monitoring the efficiency of equipment use and the employee's compliance with the equipment operation regulations;
  • Monitoring the leakage of expensive resources;
  • Monitoring of breakdowns in real time.


  • Detection of abnormal consumption
    Actual consumption is often at odds with the passport specifications / typical equipment. With the help of such diagnostics, it is possible to identify not only equipment malfunctions, but also the reasons for their occurrence.
  • Increased personnel discipline
    An ideal employee control tool. Discover who forgot to turn off the lights / equipment, whose shift consumes more electricity, etc.
  • Equipment adjustment
    By fine adjustment of some types of equipment (ventilation, air conditioning, heating, etc.) based on real needs, you can achieve significant energy savings. During the day, you can set up and test different operating modes and choose the most efficient one.
  • Monitoring compliance with technical processes
    Procedural violations are often found in cases of sharp deterioration in product quality. The system will check both compliance with the procedure and safety measures: on / off sequence, operating time, whether it was switched on at all, etc.
  • Automatic notification system
    The system instantly reacts to sudden changes in equipment operation, power outages, etc. and sends various notifications to the phone / computer. Notifications are configured in the Personal Account.
  • Automation
    No manual record keeping. Accounting errors are completely excluded. The system is fully automatic.
  • Energy consumption limit control
    Set threshold values. A notification about the approaching limit will be sent to your phone.
  • Real cost of products
    Find out the exact weight of energy consumption in the cost of finished products.
  • Analysis. Planning
    The data are stored on the server for an unlimited period of time. With one click of the mouse, you can compare the current consumption of any equipment with any past period.

To obtain more detailed information about the service and the terms of connection, leave a request on the website or send a letter from the organization to the email address, then the manager will contact you and provide advice.

Depending on the selected equipment and its quantity, the cost of monthly payments will be:

Service name (per unit)Cost
Access to the software of sensors: PAN-10, PAN-12, PAN-1431,2 rubles
Access to PAN-42 sensor software57,2 rubles
Access to the software of the modem for data transmission52 rubles

Setting up and programming the user's personal account is paid additionally.

The user’s Personal Account is available at the link

The "Intelligent Energy Monitoring" service provision procedure is available at the link