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SMS monitoring

Detailed information

SMS monitoring provides complete transparency of the company’s transport operation, makes it convenient to manage the organization’s vehicle fleet. Users of this service can control the working hours of drivers and the exact location of vehicles, determine traffic routes for a certain period, and keep abreast of the efficiency of using official vehicles.

These capabilities allow optimizing both the work of the transport service and the company’s expenses for maintaining the vehicle fleet. The system provides complete confidentiality of work and provides the ability to monitor the company’s cars even from home or from a mobile phone.

  • go to the website using the username and password obtained when concluding an agreement with BelTransSputnik UE;
  • send an SMS request from the website with the required command, and after a while the requested information will be displayed on a special page.

To use this service, the number 1230 is allocated in the A1 network.

The service has no subscription fee.
To all subscribers of the company, after the conclusion of a special agreement with BelTransSputnik UE.

To use the “SMS-monitoring” service, A1 subscribers need to conclude an agreement with BelTransSputnik UE and purchase special equipment for installation in their car.

Additional information can be found on the website BelTransSputnik UE, Republic of Belarus, 220071 Minsk, 12B Platonova str., tel./fax: +37517 2840509, 2840593, 2339513.

The cost of an SMS request to number 1230 corresponds to the cost of an SMS, according to the subscriber’s tariff plan, in roaming - according to roaming tariffs. The user pays for the cost of outgoing SMS that come from the equipment installed in the car in response to requests from the website.