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You can sign e-documents with special text messages which follow operations with a personal code. The use of an EDS should be authorized by the user, who should confirm the signature with and EDS PIN code. An e-document is created, corresponding to the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Belarus No.113-З dd. December 28th 2009, "About E-documents and Electronic Digital Signature". To sign an e-document, several text messages are used, and their amount depends the number of requests from the resource the client is using.

If necessary a SIMiD user can activate an SMS id package with entitled text messages for signing e-documents:

  • SMS id 100 package (includes 100 texts)
  • SMS id 200 package (includes 200 texts)
  • SMS id 500 package (includes 500 texts)
  • SMS id unlim package (includes unlimited amount of texts)

The package is provided for 30 days and is automatically prolonged for the following 30-day period. The package cost is charged as a lump sum upon activation/change and further every 30 days.
How to activate/change/deactivate SIM "id ХХХХ" package:

  • via USSD *200*1#call key;
  • via My velcom (the subscriber or administrator);
  • in velcom centers.

Special binary messages are used for e-signature. Both the EDS and the SIM-card are secured with PIN-codes.

Private or business customers or individual entrepreneurs - residents of the Republic of Belarus, users of SIM with EDS support (except for Telemetry and data plans customers).

How to activate
Please read and acknowledge the documents published by the Republican Certification Center (hereinafter RCC) on RCC website с with the Public Contract, РRCC regulations, Policy for Open Key Certificate Application, Policy for Legal Entities Certificate Application of RCC State Automatic control system.

According to the acting rates of the price-list for e-services, provided by the Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Center for E-services" hereinafter RUP NCES), you have to make the payment of an invoice:

For businesses:

For private individuals:

After the payment to RUP NCES, an individual who is planning to acquire a EDS should personally apply in the velcom office at the address Minsk. Internatsionalnaya st., 36-2, room 305 (enter from Oktyabrskaya square). Working time on weekdays 9-00 to 18-00, Friday 9-00 to 17-30 (without a lunch break). Days off: Saturday, Sunday. Or apply in RCC to register an EDS user with an open key certificate release.

The list of the required documents for application for an open key certificate and EDS in velcom office:

  • The list of required documents for a business is provided here.
  • The list of required documents for a private individual is provided here.

After the change of a SIM with SIMiD support and/or contract change, the previous certificate is canceled. The owner has to undergo the registartion process again to acquire a new EDS certificate.

Activation charge /cost of change of a standard SIM to a SIM supporting SIMiD is 14,89 BYN.
A change of a SIMiD supporting SIM to another SIMiD supporting SIM is made according to the current plan rates.

  • SMS id 100 package (includes 100 texts) – 4,27 BYN / 2,19 BYN*
  • SMS id 200 package(includes 200 texts) – 6,81 BYN / 4,03 BYN*
  • SMS id 500 package(includes 500 texts) – 12,12 BYN / 6,81 BYN*
  • SMS id unlim package (includes unlimited texts) – 21,59 BYN / 12,34 BYN*
The price for 1 texts without a SIM id package outside of the amount included in your plan is 0,0692 BYN

*For lemon, Comfort Light+, Comfort+, Comfort 2+, Comfort 4+, Comfort 8+, Comfort 16+, Comfort light+ for Business, Comfort+ for Business, Comfort 2+ for Business, Comfort 4+ for Business, Comfort 8+ for Business, Comfort 16+ for Business plans.