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All inclusive

  • Более 20.000  фильмов и сериалов
  • Расширенный пакет  ТВ-каналов
  • Новый контент  каждую неделю
  • Выход новинок  вместе со всем миром
  • FULL HD и 4К  качество
0,00 руб activation charge
21,00 руб/30 days regular payment

TV Extended

  • Более 130  ТВ-каналов
  • Из них 40+  в HD качестве
  • Архив  до 7 дней
  • Функции  управления
  • Смотрите на любом экране:  от телевизора до смартфона
0,00 руб activation charge
10,50 руб/30 days regular payment


  • Популярные  спортивные ТВ-каналы
  • Архив  лучших чемпионатов, боёв и матчей
  • Новости  о самых популярных видах спорта
  • Доступный просмотр  на 5 устройствах
0,00 руб activation charge
5,90 руб/30 days regular payment

Films and TV shows

  • Более 20.000  фильмов и сериалов
  • Новинки  мирового кино
  • Просмотр  на языке оригинала
  • FULL HD и 4К  качество
  • Одна подписка  5 устройств одновременно
0,00 руб activation charge
10,50 руб/30 days regular payment


  • Популярные  мультфильмы
  • Развивающие сериалы  для малышей
  • Выход новинок  вместе со всем миром
  • Мультфильмы  от студии Disney
  • Детские  ТВ-каналы
0,00 руб activation charge
6,90 руб/30 days regular payment

Detailed information

Now you can watch football, hockey, tennis, films, cartoons, series, news, talk shows, music videos, concerts anywhere with Internet Access.
VOKA is very easy, it operates both in A1 mobile network and via wi-fi, allows to watch favourite shows at the convenient time, permits to pause, rewind or go back to the most vivid moments. A1 data is not charged within VOKA subscription (except for PRIVET customers).
The service is available to customers of all mobile operators in Belarus.

You can use the services of the VOKA video service on different devices: a smartphone, tablet, TV with Smart TV, any other TV using a TV set-top box. You can start watching on one device and continue watching on another!

More information about how to install the application, as well as about the main functions and advantages can be found in our video instructions at link.

Over 100 TV channels of various subjects: news, entertainment, film, music, sports channels and many others.

Over 130 TV channels - this package includes all the channels of the Basic TV package, as well as another 25+ additional channels.

Over 20,000 films and TV shows: from modern blockbusters to movie classics. Here you can find your favourite films from the MARVEL cinema universe, cartoons from the legendary Disney studio, the best Russian and foreign TV shows and much more in FullHD quality and without advertising.

All in one section for all sports fans! Here we gathered all the archives of games in various sports – UFC, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, futsal, handball. As well as news, tournament bracket and sports TV channels.

In this subscription you can find popular Disney studio cartoons - Rapunzel, Finding Nemo, Mulan, and much more in FullHD quality and without advertising.

All subscriptions in one! By connecting to the All Inclusive subscription, you get access to all the content of our video service - Movies and TV shows, For Children, Sports, Advanced package of TV channels.

TVOD content is a way to watch a movie / series on a one-time customer request for an additional cost for a limited period of time.

PPV-контент ( англ. Pay-Per-View ) - предоставление доступа к онлайн просмотру контента разово, на время онлайн трансляции (например, концертов). Заказ PPV-контента доступен всем пользователям услуги VOKA.

Оформить покупку на PPV-контент можно на странице www.voka.tv, через мобильное приложение VOKA с операционными системами Android (версия 5.0 и выше) и iOS (версия 9.0 и выше), приложения VOKA для приставки Redbox, приставок и телевизоров на Android TV, для телевизоров на базе операционных систем LG webOS, Tizen OS.

Просмотр контента доступен до завершения онлайн-трансляции после оплаты.

This is the access to multiple viewing of a concert by a popular artist for the entire period while it is available on the VOKA platform. You can make a reservation.

Data spent for watching VOKA content is not rated. Data is not rated either at www.voka.tv webpage for any package (except for MEGOGO).
Before using VOKA app, make sure no proxy is used for Internet Access: go to A1 access point settings and check proxy and port fields. To secure correct rating of VOKA traffic, these fields should be empty.
The best playback quality for VOKA TV can be achieved at the speed of 1Mbps. In 2G your video can break, the picture may hang up or disappear. velcom reserves the right to make alterations in the content list.

The service is available on the territory of Belarus for A1 private and business customers and private individuals who are not A1 customers.

To get access to VOKA, you should:

  • Have Internet access:
    • a mobile device should either have velcom Internet Access or be registered in any network of Belarusian providers;
    • SMART TV should be connected via Ethernet/GPON/WiFi to any Belarusian provider's network.
  • You can download and install voka for:
    • smartphones and tablets:
      • from Google Play (for Android devices (version 5.0 or higher);
      • from AppStore (or iOS users (version 9 or higher));
    • SMART TV-sets:
      • from Samsung app store (for Samsung TVs manufactured in 2015 and 2017 with Tizen support), you should get a Samsung account first;
      • from LG Content Store (for LG TVs with Smart TV support on LG webOS);
      • from Google Play (supported models Sony, Philips, Sharp, Xiaomi Mi Box add-on for AndroidTV OS), you should get a Google account first.
    • or go to www.voka.tv in your Internet browser.
  • To log in and subscribe to a VOKA package:
    • in VOKA apps or on www.voka.tv click on the channel icon or film you'd like to watch, input you 9-digit phone number (will be used as login) and click on "get an SMS password". After you've received a password, press the Enter and subscribe to a selected package.
    • You can log in your Smart TV (Samsung, LG) in the following ways:
      • using a phone number and a password (the same way as for mobile devices in VOKA app or on www.voka.tv).
        You can request a password only in the app or on www.voka.tv.
      • using a code from a Smart TV app (for Samsung , LG).
        Please input the code at www.voka.tv in Account, in My devices section.

Attention: You can deactivate a VOKA package in Subscription section in mobile apps or on www.voka.tv. You will receive a notification about cancellation of your subscription.


Subscription is charged from a A1 customer balance.
Other networks subscribers can pay for subscription by recharging the account, provided after registration (pay for VOKA services to an account).
Other networks customers can use the service after an upfront payment is made.