Extended SMART warranty is now even more affordable

Extended SMART warranty


Wide range of repairs
Certificate validity period from the date of purchase up to 2 years
Repair the device an unlimited number of times during the certificate validity period until the certificate coverage balance is exhausted
Warranty period of 4 months for the performed repairs

Extended SMART warranty includes:


  • replacement of the display module, LCD, touch glass, camera, microphone and speaker in case of mechanical damage and ingress of moisture;
  • replacement and cleaning of the charging connector in case of mechanical damage and ingress of moisture and debris;
  • replacement of case elements, as well as the board (SWAP-replacement) with mechanical damage;
  • replacement of built-in batteries in case of moisture damage;
  • moisture recovery.


Available only in a bundle with a device.

Detailed information

Purchase a certificate to participate in the Extended SMART Warranty service program.

The recommended repair amount when you select the certificate is at least 50% of the full value of the equipment.

You will be able to use the certificate in case of a non-warranty repair case by applying to any of A1 stores, as well as in branded centers of the unified service center.

In case of theft of the equipment, you can apply at the places of accepting applications for Belgosstrakh insurance claims.

The service program validity period is up to 24 months.

The equipment is repaired in the company unified service center at the address: Minsk, 16 Kalvariyskaya str., room 221.

The certificate is canceled upon expiration, and the money paid for it is not refunded.

Damaged devices are accepted in A1 stores. In order to submit the device for repair, it is enough to have the certificate and the warranty card for the equipment.

You can get the "Extended SMART Warranty" certificate when buying a smartphone or tablet.

The certificate is available in A1 stores when buying a smartphone or tablet for full price, at a discount, in installments, as well as when buying a device on credit.

The sale of the certificate in the online store is available when purchasing a smartphone or tablet for full price, at a discount or in installments.

The company's individual clients when purchasing equipment in A1 stores and online store.