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  • Exercise program will help you to get fit and will add strength and self-confidence;
  • Ideal weight calculation will help to estimate the weight to achieve;
  • Effective lifehacks include recommendations from nutritional specialists and fitness trainers;
  • Personal menu is based on individual daily calorie intake.


How to activate:

  • send an SMS with any word except STOP to 6240;
  • via USSD *240#call key;
  • login at
If requires your phone number, give it in international format and input the confirmation code you receive via SMS from 6240.
After activation you will receive a greeting SMS with service information and an offer to use the service in game mode or exercise mode.


Game mode
You can start game mode by sending SMS with GAME to 6240. All users get Starter level at first. The aim of the game is to help a virtualcharacter Ellochka to lose weight and get an Expert level. A user should answer a block of questions related to healthy lifestyle to create a virtual weight loss plan for 3 months.
A Game day starts at 10.00 and ends at 9.59 the next day.
A user is rated acoording to their replies. If a total rating is higher than 20, a user becomes an Expert and can proceed to trivia game. The aim of Trivia is to collect the highest possible rating for one Game day. The rating forms based on the points given for the correct answere to questions related to healthy lifestyle. A user can answer up to 5 questions during the Game day.
You can learn your rating by sending TOP to 6240.

Exercise mode
You can activate exercise mode by sending SMS with WORK to 6240.
The mode involves 5 stages of getting fit. Each stage contains 3 physical exercises and 3 health lifehacks.
You can set an SMS alert at 8.00 or 20.00.
A users get 2 weeks for each stage. At the end of the period the user will be asked qeustions estimating how well the user kept to the training schedule and health lifehacks. As a result a user gets virtual medal.

Other functions
By sending an SMS with the following commands to 6240, you can get the necessary info:

  • IDEAL - will calculate your perfect weight based on your gender, height, weight and age;
  • MENU - you will receive a personal menu is based on individual daily calorie intake. Moreover, following SMS instructions you can receive a new menu every day;
  • {food} – (e.g., «potatoes») you will get information about the calories and dishes with it.


The materials are purely reference and are recomeded to a avarage person, without consideration of their personal peculiarities or doagnoses and restrictions. Before applying any recommendations get an approval from your doctor or consult a nutricional specialist.

The service is available to all A1 subscribers (including prepaid subscribers).

How to activate
To activate the service send a text with any word (except for STOP) to 6240 or send USSD *240#call key. SMS to 6240 and USSD 240# are free.
login at at

  • If you have A1 Internet Access you should confirm you want to activate the service;
  • If you use another Internet connection, give your phone number and input a confirmation code, you receive from 6240.


How to deactivate

  • Send a text with STOP to 6240
  • via USSD *240*0#.
SMS sent to 6240 and USSD *240# are free of charge.
You'll get a free notification that the service was disabled.


You can use the “Trainer” service for free during the first 2 days when you connect to the service for the first time. Starting from the third day, the subscription cost will be 0.40 rubles. per day.
USSD request *240# and SMS to short number 6240 are not charged. When you go to the website, the volume of information received/transmitted will be paid separately, according to your tariff plan and the volume of connected services.
The subscription cost is not charged when using the “Pause” service and in case of financial blocking. If the blocking period exceeds 30 days, the service is disabled.