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The service allows you to play online games such as «Sudoku», «Telepathist», «Charades», «Bulls and Cows, «Riddles» and «Word Search».

You can connect to the service «Puzzles» any time in one of the following ways:

  • send SMS with any text (except the words «Stop» or «Стоп») to the short number 6220;
  • dial USSD-request *220#;
  • log in online on puzzle.a1.by.


In case the phone number is requested on the web-site puzzle.a1.by, it is necessary to specify it in international format, wait for free SMS from the number 6220 with the confirmation code and enter it into the corresponding field.

Having been connected to the service «Puzzles», you’ll receive a welcoming SMS containing brief information about the service and the suggestion to continue using it on puzzle.a1.by.

After authorization on the site, you can choose any game of interest in the «Tasks» tab.

  • Sudoku
  • Telepathist
  • Сharades
  • Bulls and Cows
  • Riddles
  • Word Search
In the «Titles» tab you can see your current and potential titles, as well as the number of service users who already have higher titles.


Title description:


The required number of points for the title

Bonus upon receipt of title






50 diamonds

3rd degree Master


100 diamonds

2nd degree Master

1 000

150 diamonds

1st degree Master

5 000

200 diamonds

High Master

10 000

300 diamonds

You can earn points for completing tasks.

In the «Diamonds» tab you can see the number of diamonds received. There is also an opportunity to earn additional diamonds by inviting a new user to the service.

Diamonds are necessary to take advantage of hints.

Ways to get diamonds:



Number of diamonds

Successful task execution


At 00:00 every day, if you played the previous day


Inviting a new user to the service, if the latter accepted it


Getting a higher title

Depending on the title. See the table with the description of Titles

Service is available to A1 subscribers, except for prepaid tariffs subscribers.

How to connect
To launch the service, you have to send a SMS with any text (except STOP or СТОП) to 6220 or send a USSD-request *220# call.
Outgoing SMS to 6220 number and USSD-requests for *220# are free.
The service can also be connected through the website puzzle.a1.by:

  • If you use A1 mobile Internet, you need to confirm your interest in connecting the service on the opening page;
  • 2. If you use a different Internet access option, you need to enter your phone number in international format and enter the confirmation SMS code received from 6220 in the appropriate field.


How to deactivate the service
To stop using the service, you can choose any of the following options:

  • send an SMS with the text «STOP» or «СТОП» to the number 6220.
  • dial the USSD-command *220*0#.
Requests for numbers 6220 and *220# are not charged.
You will be notified of a successful service disconnection with a free SMS.


After a first-time subscription a customer gets a free 2-day trial period. Starting from day three the subscription fee makes 0.40 BYN/day.
USSD requests *220# and SMS to 6220 are free of charge. If you go to puzzle.a1.by, your incoming and outgoing data is charged separately according to your acting plan or service packages.
Subscription fee is charged through paid incoming SMS from 56220. SMS are received in mute mode and are not stored in phone memory. In invoice such charges are marked as «Subscription, incoming SMS charges». SMS are sent to the customer daily, until the service is disabled. Subscription is not charged in Pause and during financial block. If the block term exceeds 30 days, the service is disabled.