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Unlim M

Tariff includes

Additional Features

  • 4 Mbps is surfing the Internet and social networks, sharing files, streaming music, online games, watching videos in HD, organizing video conferences.
  • Subscription VOKA TV channels are up to 130 popular TV channels of various topics, which you can watch on any device through the VOKA application - smartphone, tablet, Smart TV. You can enjoy viewing after authorization in the mobile application, on a TV with Smart TV or on the website www.voka.tv by calling the phone number with the tariff plan of the "Anlim" line by requesting a password by SMS. Package activation is not required, payment will not be charged.

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Plan details

We provide


minimal upfront payment 

5,00 BYN

Outgoing within the network and to voicemail  

0,312 BYN

Calls to landlines, other networks in Belarus 

0,312 BYN


0,2754 BYN


0,078 BYN


0,1878 BYN

MMS abroad 

0,3068 BYN

Calls abroad (CIS)

0,676 BYN

Calls abroad (Europe) 

1,10 BYN

Calls abroad (other countries)

2,03 BYN