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Invoice Delivery

Detailed information

Clients of legal entities have the opportunity to receive monthly invoices for A1 services to an e-mail address, as well as by post on paper.

Every month, by the 10th day, invoices are sent to the e-mail address, which contain all types of charges and payments for the previous month.

Invoices are certified by facsimile signature and EDS of an authorized person of the company. The subscription fee is written off in the month following the reporting month of billing. Delivery of a regular invoice to a legal entity's email address is possible in PDF, Excel and / or TXT formats. Invoices for communication services in Excel format are sent in the form of a zip archive. You can open them using the 7zip program, which you can install yourself by downloading at:

The service is provided to all clients of the company (except for prepaid subscribers).

You can activate / deactivate regular invoice delivery or change your e-mail / postal address:

  • in the Personal Account (with access level Administrator);
  • on the basis of a signed application sent to e-mail;
  • on the basis of a signed application sent in Viber or Telegram messengers or social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki;
  • forward a signed application from a legal entity to the nearest A1 store or dealership of the company.