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King of the Hill


  • 5 thousand questions on geography, history, mathematicts and other sciencies
  • Simple game form
  • Global rating and honour board in user profile
  • To enable the service use any SMS supporting device


How to activate:

  • send an SMS with any text (except for STOP) to 8989;
  • via USSD *989#;
  • log in at


If your phone number is required at the website, give it in international format, receive a free SMS from 8989 with the code and input the code into the required field.
After activation you will receive a greeting SMS with service info and an invitation to a duel. Further you can initiate a duel on your own:

  • send an SMS with "1" to 8989 - a random rival will be selected from the service users;
  • send an SMS with "2" to 8989 - you will be instucted on how to invite a friend to play;
  • send an SMS with A1 customer number (except for prepaid tariffs customers) in international format (375ХХХХХХХХХ) and the required customer will receive an invitation to a duel; if they reply DA, you will play together;
  • press "Искать соперника" at


When a match is found both players receive SMS with a question and 4 reply options. Send the correct response number in reply. As soon as you reply, you will get a correct answer and the next question. The duel consists of 3 questions, 5 minutes to answer each one.
As a result you will be rated. Depending on your rating you are assigned a position in Game day rating and Topical rating.
A game day stsrts ar 10.00 and ends at 9.59 the next day.
You can take part in unlimited number of duels during a game day.
A user who gets the highest rating as a result of the first Game day gets a King title. Every next Game day leader gets a chance to play with the King for the tiltle, in a notification.
The rating you can receive during a game day is not limited.

Rating rules:




Duel victory


Duel victory over a user with higher rating


Victory in 3 duels in a row


НDraw in a duel


Draw in a duel, but you responded earlier


Invitation of a user who never used the service and accpted the invitation


Victory in a Lucky Duel


Draw in a Lucky duel


Victory in Duel 3*3


Victory in Duel 3*3 over a user with higher rating


Draw in Dueal 3*3


Draw in duel 3*3 but you responded earlier


Victory in Cat in a Bag round


Loss in in Cat in a Bag round


If a user wins over one and the same rival 3 times within one Game day, victories in other duels over the same rival are not rated till the end of a Game day.
Duels for King title are not rated.
A user can be invited to a Lucky duel. Time of a Lucky duel is defined by the service provider. A user is notified that the duel is lucky in an SMS invitation from another user.
In duels 3*3 user have to answer 3 questions on 3 different topics for 3 minutes.
In "Cat in a bag" game a user is offered to select the most frequest response among other service users. You can refuse the game by sending "-" to 8989.
Active users get extra rating within "First duel" action. Extra rating is assigned for each day of intermittent use of the service. the rating equals the number of days of intemittent use. If a user stops duelling for a while, extra rating starts after they returm to the game. The count of the intermittent user days starts from the beginning. Extra rating is assigned one-time during a gam day, irrespective of duel results and are listed below.


Number days of service use














7 and more


Users get virtual titles and bonuses according to their rating:



Total rating




5 points and a possibility to choose username



10 points and access to Technic category



20 points and a possibility to assign your most favorite topic



30 points and acces to the topic Sport



50 points and a possibilty to assign your least favorite topics



75 points



100 points

Each user gets up to 10 prompts during a Game day. You can use a prompt if you have an unanswered question in a duel. By sending an SMS with "!" to 8989 you get possible user answers in percentage.

The service is available to all A1 subscribers (including prepaid subscribers).

How to activate
To activate the service send an SMS with any text (except for STOP) to 8989 or a USSD request *989#call key.
SMS to 8989 and USSD *989# are free.
You can activate the service at

  • If you have A1 Internet Access you should confirm you want to activate the service;
  • If you use another internet connection, give your phone number and input a confirmation code, you receive from 89890.


How to deactivate

  • Send an SMS with STOP to 8989.
  • via USSD *989*0#.
SMS sent to 8989 and USSD *989# are free of charge.
You'll get a free notification that the service was disabled.


You can use the “King of the Hill” service for free for the first 2 days when you connect to the service for the first time. Starting from the third day, the subscription cost will be 0.40 rubles. per day.
USSD request *989# and SMS to short number 8989 are not charged. When switching to, the volume of information received/transmitted will be paid separately, according to your tariff plan and the volume of connected services.
The subscription cost is not charged when using the “Pause” service and in case of financial blocking. If the blocking period exceeds 30 days, the service is disabled.