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Get informed about interesting topics.

After you install a SIM with A1 Menu, your phone shows velcom icon on the display. Your phone should support STK technology (refer to the user-guide).

Messages are stored on your SIM. SIM memory is limited, therefore delete the read messages to receive new ones.

Express payment and SMS2e-mail/e-mail2SMS sections are not available to prepaid tariffs customers.

The service is available to all A1 customers.

Browse through different sections and reqest any information at will.
"Idet otpravka SMS" message on the display informs that SMS-request is sent. An SMS reply will be received shortly.
To read an SMS reply, a customer should leave A1 Menu.

A1 Menu sections:


  • Weather (Belarus, Moscow, St. Petersbourg, Kyev, Vilnus, Warsaw today/tomorrow);
  • News (Belarus, world, sport, digest, mobile, auto);
  • Currency rates (National bank and commercial banks).



  • Humor (jokes, stories, puzzles, quotes, poems);
  • Horoscopes (for each Zodiac sign for today, for a week, love, business, humor);
  • TV (БТ, ОНТ, РТР, НТВ);
  • Greetings (Birthdays, toasts, St.Valentine's, wishes);
  • Leisure (active in Belarus, billiards, sauna, club/casino);
  • Event guide (in Belarus cinema, theaters, tours, concerts, clubs, events);
  • Smak (salads, main courses, desserts, coctails);
  • Inresting (Murphy, Guness, fun facts).


Express payment
Express payment helps to top up your phone, just input 14 symbols of your express payment card.

Allows customers to send SMS from a pjone to e-mail address and receive messages sent from e-mail to a mobile phone.

English-Russian dictionary
Translate words by SMS from Russian to English or vice versa. To translate a required word or phrase make a request:

  • RUEN word/phrase (to translate from Russian into English);
  • ENRU word/phrase (to translate from English into Russian).


Select language
You can choose language in "Vybor yazyka" section for both A1 Menu and SMS replies. Trasliteration in Latin symbols is a default setting. Russian can be chosen in case is it correctly supported by the phone.

SMS requests are charged according to the current rates.