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Get informed about interesting topics, subscribe to infotainment sections.

After you install a SIM with A1 Menu, your phone shows velcom icon on the display. Your phone should support STK technology (refer to the user-guide).

Messages are stored on your SIM. SIM memory is limited, therefore delete the read messages to receive new ones.

Express payment and SMS2e-mail/e-mail2SMS sections are not available to prepaid tariffs customers, also are not available to all subscribers with the new A1-menu.

The service is available to all A1 customers.

Browse through different sections and reqest any information at will.


Examples of A1-menu headings

  • Weather (regional centers of Belarus, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vilnius, Warsaw today/tomorrow); 
  • Currency rates (National Bank and commercial banks); 
  • Horoscopes (for each sign of zodiac for today, for a week); 
  • News (Belarus, World); 
  • Humor (anecdotes, stories, riddles, jokes, sayings, bad advice, verses). 
  • It is interesting (Cars, Hi-Tech, Sports, Murphy, Guinness, Facts, Gusto); 
  • About everything (History, Movies, Positive, To Women).


In A1-menu sections, you can subscribe to the topic of interest to receive information on a daily basis without additional requests. The A1 menu sections available for subscription are marked with the corresponding "subscription" marking.


Disabling subscriptions

Via SMS to number 5500 (commands from the table below to disable a specific subscription)


For A1 subscribers
Subscription nameSMS text to 5500
News in the Worldstop 1
News in Belarusstop 2
Carsstop 3
Hi-Techstop 4
Sportsstop 5
Historystop 6
Moviesstop 7
Positivestop 8
To Womenstop 9


For prepaid tariffs subscribers
Subscription nameSMS text to 5500
News in the Worldstop 11
News in Belarusstop 21
Carsstop 31
Hi-Techstop 41
Sportsstop 51
Historystop 61
Moviesstop 71
Positivestop 81
To Womenstop 91


After sending a request to receive information or activate an infotainment subscription, you will receive a reply to your request in a short period of time in the form of SMS.

The corresponding symbol will appear on the phone display when the SMS is received. If the subscriber wishes to immediately familiarize himself/herself with the content of the reply, he/she has to exit the A1-menu application.

The list of available A1-menu headings may vary.


SMS requests are charged according to the current rates.