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Detailed information

To send a USSD request dial a combination of symbols, as if making a call. The information will be immediately displayed on the screen.

  • The messages are not stored in the phone.
  • USSD requests are available in roaming in case USSD is supported by a roaming partner.
  • Different phones show USSD menu and reply in different ways.
  • A reply to a pop-up box should be a digit.
  • USSD of large size (more than 70 characters) can be shown in Latin characters.
  • Some USSD are only available to non-smartphone users.

Top USSD requests:
*100# - check your balance (for smartphone users is available no more than 2 times during the day);
*100*1# - remaining minutes, texts, MMS and data (for smartphone users is available no more than 2 times during the day);
*100*3# - the amount of regular payment for your phone, remaining amount to pay and the end of payment term; *100*12# - check the remaining data for Roaming. Online;
*131*A1 phone number# - Waiting for a Call service; *141*1# - reserve payment; *141*2*1# - your phone number and plan;
*141*2*3*1# - information about your current data plan and date of regular charge;
*141*3*3# - add/change/view Favorite Number;
*141*3*1*1# - activate International Calls;
*141*3*2*1# - activate International Roaming;
*141*3*4# - plan change; *141*7# - erroneous payment;
*147# - your number;
*135# - enable Internet Access, MMS, web-security, get phone settings, and information about current data package and next regular charge date;
*100*51# - disable the services in case of debt.

Other useful USSD are here.