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SMS to E-mail/E-mail to SMS

Detailed information

The service enables users to send SMS from a phone to an e-mail adress and receive messages sent from an e-mail address to a phone as SMS.

To send a message to an e-mail of a A1 customer send a following SMS from your phone "EM e-mail address message text" to 511, where EM is the code word, e-mail and message text should be separated by spaces. E.g. "EM message text" You will receive a delivery notification in response. If delivery is impossible (e.g. a nonexistent e-mail is given), the mail server will send an SMS notification.

To send an SMS from an e-mail address to a subscribers number, log in in SMS2e-mail/e-mail2SMS system, send a regular e-mail to an address or 375АВХХХХХХХ

There are limits for incoming mail:

  • maximun 500 messages for each customer.
  • Maximun e-mail size 50 MB per 24 hours.
  • The counter is set to zero at 00:00:00 every day.

Attached files will not be delivered and an e-mail size is up to 770 symbols in Latin and 335 symbols in Cyrillic. The maximum size of an incoming message is 770 symbols for lat coding and 335 symbols for rus coding, which includes sender's e-mail address, the topic and the main text. Messages can be joined if your phone supports the option.
The limit to a number of incoming message is 500 per 24 hours for each customer.

SMS2e-mail/e-mail2SMS is available for all A1 customers (except for prepaid tariffs , Videosurveillance and Sputnikoviy Monitoring plans).

How to activate

  • Send an SMS EM REGI to 511.
    In response you will receive a message offering to confirm registration. To confirm registration, send an SMS containing DA.

How to deactivate
Send an SMS - EM UNREGI to 511 or disable the service in a corresponding section on
For business customers:

To change settings
To change personal settings use a command: EM SET n:nickname e:rus or е:lat (e.g., EM SET n:petrov e:lat). n:nickname parameter creats a necessary recepient's e-mail in format. It can consist of letters, digits, symbols: period, underlining, minus. A nickname should be between 3 and 13 symbols. If nickname does not comply with the required conditions, or is taken, the addess will not change. It will remain: 375АВxxxх
e:rus или e:lat parameter sets a desired coding of sent and received messages (also depends on phone capacity). Cyrilic coding is set by default.

With SMS2e-mail/e-mail2SMS you can operate e-mail from your phone keypad. You can put the service on pause or restart, terminate the service, check and change your personal settings, restrict incoming correspondense using filters. All commands below should be sent from a phone as an SMS to 511.

To put messages on pause

Send EM STOP. To restart the service use EM START command.
Attention! SMS to e-mail service is still possible. EM STOP command does not cancel charging of monthly payment.

Filters (to eliminate unnecessary correspondence)


  • EM FILTER ADD +address@domain
    accept messages only from a specified address (there can be several filters)
  • EM FILTER ADD -address@domain
    a filter excluding receipt of messages from a certain sender (there can be several filters)
  • EM FILTER DEL +address@domain
    deletes filter to accept messages only from a specified address
  • EM FILTER DEL -address@domain
    deletes a filter excluding receipt of messages from a certain sender
  • EM FILTER DEL number
    deletes a filter with a given number
    view the set filters
Filter line can include the symbol *, which can stand for any symbol sequence. E.g. EM FILTER ADD +*
To enable filtration for the set filters send EM FILTER ON. To switch off filters send EM FILTER OFF


Notification forwarding mode

If the mode is on, only a part of an e-mail equal to one SMS size will be accepted by a phone. The mode is off by default.
To enable notification forwarding mode (the mode will permit one SMS of 160 symbols in lat coding and 70 symbols in rus coding), use EM NOTION command.
To disable notification forwarding mode use EM NOTIOFF command.

How to view settings

To view your personal settings (username, coding (rus/lat)), service status (start/stop), filter status (on/off), notification forwarding mode (on/off) send an SMS EM STATUS.

To adjust the settings refer to Notification settings guide.