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Detailed information

With the help of the "Tethering" service, you can distribute Internet traffic to other devices.

The service is provided with automatic renewal every day until it is disconnected.

To distribute Internet traffic, you need:

  1. Activate the "Tethering" service;
  2. Enable the corresponding function in your phone/tablet.

If there is no “Tethering” service connected, the other device will not be able to connect to the distribution.

For subscribers of "No Limit" and "MEGA Max" tariff plans, the possibility of connecting the "Modem Mode" service is available only if the package "Unlimited Internet" or "Unlimited Internet (MEGA Max)" is activated, respectively.

The service can be used by subscribers of "Drive Unlim", "No Limit" and "No Limit 2.0" tariffs in active status (except for "Drive Unlim" and "No Limit 2.0" prepaid tariffs)
The service is also available to subscribers of the mobile tariffs "MEGA Max" and "MEGA Prime".