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International Roaming

Additional Features

To reduce roaming costs, we recommend that you use the service of roaming packages for the Internet, calls and SMS.

Detailed information

The International Roaming service allows A1 customers to make and answer calls, send and receive SMS, MMS, as well as use the mobile Internet while outside the Republic of Belarus, in the networks of other operators. At the same time The customer's number does not change at the same time.

  • Turn off your cell phone before crossing the border of another state and turn it on upon arrival on the territory of another country.
  • The network is searched manually or automatically.
  • The automatic search mode is usually used by default.
  • When the cell phone is registered on the network (either the name of the local operator, or the code of its network, or all together, appeared on the display of the device), you can make and answer calls.
  • We recommend that you do not reset incoming roaming calls, because a connection may occur, which means that you will have to pay for such call. To make a call within the host country or to any city in the world, dial the number in the international format: + country code – city code – subscriber number or + country code – mobile network code – subscriber number
  • Incoming roaming calls are chargeable.
  • All incoming and outgoing roaming calls are charged for 1 minute.
  • The International Calls service must be connected to use roaming.
  • The ban is automatically established on the use of all types of subscriber redirects in roaming, on the use of conference communication and call retention services when connecting the International Roaming service, The ban does not apply to unconditional redirection. To restore roaming redirects, use the USSD request (within the Republic of Belarus) *117# and the call key.
  • When remotely connecting a number in the My A1 application, the connection of the International Roaming service is available only when the customer personally contacts the A1 store with an identity document.
  • Debiting of funds for communication services provided to the customer in the roaming is carried out by the company as information is received from a foreign operator. Due to this circumstance, the final amount to be paid may be issued some time after the subscriber has actually used these services (up to 30 days). At the same time, there may be a sharp change in the balance of the client's personal account. A similar principle of debiting funds for roaming connections is used by most telecom operators.
  • On the border territories of Belarus, it is possible to register a telephone device in the network of the roaming company's partner operator if the automatic network selection mode is set in the settings of the telephone device. This can happen if the signal of the base station of a foreign operator turns out to be strong enough to receive and make calls, send and receive SMS, MMS, as well as use the mobile Internet. As a result, all calls, SMS, MMS and mobile Internet will be charged according to the tariffs of the International Roaming service.
  • The Company is not responsible for the quality and coverage area of roaming partner operators. The unitary enterprise A1 cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the availability or correct identification of the caller's number in connection with the possible use of analog types of signaling, Internet telephony or number substitution technology on international communication networks, since these processes go beyond the legal framework of international traffic control by mobile operators.
  • Ways to replenish the balance in roaming: A1 banking application, express payment card, SMS banking service, Internet payment systems.

To reduce charges for roaming Internet traffic before traveling outside Belarus, we recommend making sure of the following:

  • the settings of the telephone for working with MMS and Mobile Internet services are made correctly;
  • applications running in automatic mode (for example, an e-mail client) are disabled or switched to on-demand mode;
  • when accessing Internet resources, as well as receiving/sending MMS, the access points corresponding to the specified services are used in your phone.

If the 4G network is enabled in the settings, an Internet session will be initiated to register the smartphone in the roaming partner's network (minimal traffic is charged).

Also, in order to minimize costs, you can disable "Automatic reception" or "Always reception" in the MMS settings and set "Manual reception" or "Reception on request". In this case, before downloading the MMS, the phone will make a request to receive the MMS and only after confirmation it will download it. If you select the "Do not accept" option in the MMS settings, incoming MMS will not be downloaded by the phone.

You can find out the cost of roaming services on a special page of the site.

The service is available in the networks of foreign operators with whom A1 has concluded relevant agreements.

Please follow the link to find out the list of operators. USSD in the roaming is avilable in the networks of those operators that support this technology.

A1 customers cannot send SMS and MMS to short numbers in the roaming. A1 customers who do not have permanent residence in Belarus (non-residents) can activate the International Roaming service only at A1 offices upon presentation of an identity document.

Due to the possibility of using analog signaling types, Internet telephony or number substitution technology on international communication networks, A1 does not guarantee subscribers the possibility of having or correctly determining the caller's number and therefore does not bear any responsibility in these cases, since such processes go beyond the legal framework of international traffic control by mobile operators.
A1 company does not guarantee that information about services provided in roaming partner networks free of charge will be displayed in the detailed breakdown.

It is not possible to send SMS to reference and information numbers, SMS/MMS service numbers.

If you still have any questions after reading this memo, be sure to clarify all the nuances you are interested in with the specialists of the contact center at a single number 150 (without charging mobile and landline numbers), or directly at the company's office.

The service is available to all customers of A1 tariff plans.

Enabling/disabling the service is possible in one of the following ways:

  • in the My A1 application;
  • USSD request *141*3*2 # challenge;
  • Personal account;
  • in the voice menu 150;
  • at the company's branded sales and service centers upon presentation of an identity document or access code;
  • at the office of the official attorneys on the basis of an identity document;
  • based on the access code in the company's reference and information service;
  • to activate the International roaming service, you must make an advance payment of 5 rubles or the amount according to the tariff plan.

You can contact a representative of A1 company from roaming:

  • by phone +375 29 6 000 150 (outgoing call is not charged);
  • to order a call by filling out the form on the company's website at the address "About the company"/"Contacts" (incoming call is not charged, subject to availability or correct identification of the caller's number);
  • get online advice on the company's website, in the My A1 application or Personal Account (Internet traffic is paid for at roaming rates);
  • write to Facebook, , , Viber, Telegram (Internet traffic is charged at roaming rates);
  • write an email to the following address 150@а (Internet traffic is charged at roaming rates).