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Detailed information

You can listen to messages in voicemail from any number. To secure safe access to your mail, set a password.
You can create your personal greeting.

At the initial service session you can select a language (Russian, Belarusian or English - it will be a notification language), set a password and record a personal greeting and\or voice signature. To maintain confidentiality, input 4 different digits as a password, a password of four identical digits will not be accepted (e.g. 1111).
After a call is transfer to voicemail, a caller will hear a machine or recorded greeting and will be able to leave a message/send a fax after a beep. If a caller does not leave a message, a customer will receive a missed call message (if the Missed Call service is enabled).
For each voice/ fax message a customer will receive a notification.

Examples of voicemail notification: From: +375296000441: You have 1 new message from +375291234567,15:24-15/06. From: +375296000441: You have 1 new message from +375291234567,15:24-15/06.

To change message language, send an SMS, with a numeric value to 411:
21 - to receive notifications in Belarusian
22 - to receive notifications in Russian (Cyrillic)
23 - to receive notifications in English
24 - to receive notifications in Russian (transliterated) (voice menu will be in Russian)
To receive copies of voice and fax messages to e-mail, specify your e-mail for message forwarding. You can do it:

  • via My A1;
  • in A1 centers or in dealer sales points. After cancellation of forwarding or activation/deactivation of Plus package, all user settings (language, password) and recorded greetings are saved.

In roaming all calls forwarded to voicemail are charged at roaming rates for conditional forward and free of charge in case of unconditional forward. Access to voicemail portal in roaming is charged at roaming rates.
Make sure you have adjusted your voicemail and you remember your password, when you are leaving Belarus.
After activation of International Roaming call forwarding set for the following conditions "no response", "busy", "out of reach" is blocked. You can restore forward in roaming for the above conditions in USSD menu *117#call key (on the territory of the Republic of Belarus). If the block has been disabled by a customer personally, next time International Roaming is activated, conditional forwarding will be allowed. In this case, to stop conditional forward, send a request *117#call key.

Voicemail is available for all A1 customers.
Plus package is available to all customers, except for prepaid tariffs customers.

How to activate:
The service is included in plans by default for new and current customers. For new customers calls are forwarded to +375 29 6000210 under the following conditions: "no response (30 seconds)", "out of reach". A customer can change forwarding conditions.
Enable call forward to +375 29 6000210

  • in phone settings
  • via USSD *441*1#call key
  • via My A1

How to deactivate:

  • change phone settings
  • via USSD *441*1#call key
  • via My A1

Other ways to deactivate the service:

  1. For private customers: call to the company inquiry line
  2. for business customers:

How to activate/deactivate Plus package:

  • via USSD *441*2#call key;
  • via My A1
  • call to A1 inquiry line based on Access code;
  • in A1 centers.

How to access voicemail

  • Make a call from своего мобильного телефона to 441, 443 (you can listen to received messages one by one) and 6000200;
  • call to public accessа number +375 29 6000201(from any phone supporting touch-tone dial);
  • in roaming:: +375 29 6000441, +375 29 6000443, +375 29 6000200 и +375 29 6000201.

How to set/cancel password to access voicemail through 441, 443, +375 29 6000441, +375 29 6000200, +375 29 6000443:

  • call to A1 inquiry line based on access code;
  • in A1 centers or in dealer sales points.