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Russian Lessons

The service can be used as an explanatory dictionary. It also offers daily SMS with fun questions about grammar, vocabulary or phraseology.

You can send a word with spelling or meaning unknown to you to 6230. You will get one of the following replies:

  • If the spelling was correct: (word): (dictionary definition);
  • If there was a mistake: The right spelling (word, part where you made a mistake is in bold), (word): (dictionary definition).


Words you misspelled form a mistakes database.
If no mistake was made in the word, its definition is added to Duel learning plan.
If a word was misspelled, its spelling is added to Duel learning plan.
Subscribers who actively used the service for last 48 hours get an SMS invitation to a Duel from 6230 at 11.30. To take part send DA / ДА to 6230. Pairs of duellers are formed from customers who sent DA.
Pairs compete at answering questions. You have 5 minutes to reply. The one who replies wrongly first loses. The questions test:

  • definitions;
  • spelling.
As a result a general user rating after the duels is published on
Anytime you can challenge a A1 customer (except for prepaid tariffs customers), by sending his number or "!!" to 6230.


There is a rating system to honor the participants. E.g.:


How to get


Win 10 duels.


Win 15 duels.


Win 20 duels.


Win 25 duels.

The service is available to all A1 subscribers (including prepaid subscribers).

How to activate
To start using the service send a message with any text except for STOP) to 6230 or send USSD *770#call key.
SMS to 6230 and UUSD to *770# are free.
You can enable the service at

  • If you have A1 Internet Access you should confirm you want to activate the service;
  • If you use other internet connection, give your phone number and input a confirmation code, you receive from 6230.


How to deactivate
Send an SMS with STOP to 6230.
SMS sent to 6230 are free of charge.
You'll get a free notification that the service was disabled.

After the first activation of the service, you can use it for free for the first 2 days. Starting from the third day, the cost will be 40 kopecks per day including VAT.
In case of successful tariffication, you can unlimitedly use the function of checking the spelling of Russian words, get their definitions from an explanatory dictionary and compete in duels with other subscribers without additional payment.
Access to the service is provided on the basis of automatic daily payment.
USSD request *770# and SMS to short number 6230 are not charged.
When switching to, the volume of information received/transmitted will be paid separately, according to the subscriber’s tariff plan and/or the volume of services connected to the number.
The subscription cost is not charged when using the “Pause” service and in case of financial blocking. If the blocking period exceeds 30 days, the service is disabled.