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English Lessons

English Lessons offer translation from Russian into English and vice versa , daily learning according to apersonal plan, games between users to check knowledge of words and other options, that can be access via an SMS intarface or from eng.a1.by.

After activation you receive a greeting SMS with service info and the first task, which offers to select the right translation of a given word. You can proceed to learning be replying to the SMS or using eng.a1.by.
The service helps to translate words from English into Russian and vice versa. Send a word you need to translate to 6275 or input it at the website.
Each day you will receive an SMS with a word in Russian or in English and 4 translation options. You should send the right translation number as a reply. If you send an incorrect reply, you receive the right translation and the next question. SMS are sent starting from 11.30 locally. If you reply correctly, you will receive the next task.
If you do not reply no tasks will be sent to you till the end of the day.
Words fro the taks are selected from the learning plan. A learning plan is formed from the following:

  • words, you requested translation for;
  • all russian and english words sorted according to frequency and level of difficulty.
The word is considered learned if you provided correct ranslation from both languages. It goes to vocabulary.


Vocabulary and level of difficulty
The service has levels and sublevels of difficulty. E.g. Starter level covers 100 most frequently used words in the English language.
Each new user gets level Beginner sublevel 2 as default.
To create the initial vocabulary, frequent words database is used.





Number of words in learning plan


from 1 to 6

up to 600


from 1 to 4

up to 1000


from 1 to 8

up to 1800


from 1 to 7

up to 2500


from 1 to 15

up to 4000


from 1 to 10

up to 5000


from 1

more than 5000

You can lower the level by sending "-" to 6275. You can increase the level by sending "+" to 6275. Your level becomes higher after you've mastered 100 new words. You get an SMS notification when your level is updated.
At eng.a1.by you can use translation tool, which will add words to your personal learning plan.
In cards section you can see the list of words from your learning plan and edit it. In Grammar section you will find th rules and practise them taking a corresponding test.
What is a duel?
ДDuel allows you to compete with other service users who knows more words. Givin gcorrect answers in duels you will receive virtual medals.
You can invite to a duel any service user by sending their number in international format to 6275. To challenge a random user, send "!!" to 6275.

The service is available to all A1 customers (except for prepaid tariffs customers).

How to activate

  • Send a text with any word except STOP to 6275;
  • via USSD *550#call key;
  • go to eng.a1.by.
How to deactivate
  • Send an SMS with STOP to 6275;
  • via USSD *550*0#call key.


After a first-time subscription a customer gets a free 2-day trial period. Starting from day three the subscription fee makes 0.40 BYN/day.
USSD *550# and SMS to 6275 are free of charge. If you go to eng.a1.by, оyour incoming and outgoing data is charged separately according to your acting plan or service packages.
Subscription fee is charged through paid incoming SMS from 56275. SMS are received in mute mode and are not stored in phone memory. In invoice such charges are marked as "Subscription, incoming SMS charges". SMS are sent to the customer daily, until the service is disabled. Subscription is not charged in Pause and during financial block. If the block term exceeds 30 days, the service is disabled.