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Fun Call

To make a call with a disguised voice, subscribe to the service. After the activation, you should dial the A1 number you are calling in 9-digit format, e.g. 29ХХХХХХХ.
After the end of the call the recipient will get an SMS informing that the call was made with Fun Call service.

Subscription fee is charged through paid incoming SMS from 57878. In the invoice such charges are marked as "Subscription, incoming SMS charges".
SMS are received in mute mode and are not stored in phone memory.
Messages are sent to the customer daily, until the service is disabled.
Subscription is not charged in Pause and during financial block. If the block term exceeds 30 days, the service is disabled.
A number from which a Fun Call is made will always be identified if a call is made through 7878 voice portal, even if a caller uses Caller Line Identification Restriction.
If Caller Line Identification Restriction is on, the customer should temporarily enable Caller ID (e.i. dial *31#7878call key).

The service is not provided in roaming.
The service is unavailable to prepaid tariffs customers.

The service is available to all A1 customers except for prepaid tariffs customers.

How to activate
To make a Fun call, enter service voice portal 7878 and choose the voice you like:

  • baby voice;
  • scary voice;
  • space ranger;
  • robot;
  • elfish voice;
  • male voice;
  • female voice;
  • iron man voice;
  • lizard voice;
  • echo.
Service subscription will be offered automatically.


How to deactivate

  • in 7878 portal press a number , corresponding to "Subscription operation" (press 8) and follow;
  • contact the Online Consultant. On any page of the My A1 application, click the icon with a question mark - select Contact a company - click the Online Consultant button.