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Detailed information

When activate Mnogobook service, you will get:

  • access to thousands of text-based and audio books w/ regular library replenishment;
  • opportunity to read books on different devices in one subscription;
  • service operation on any Internet-connected device

1. To read or listen to books, go to the service website:

2. Log in or register. To do so, get SMS with a code and complete the registration procedure.

3. Click the cover of a book you like and confirm the book purchase.

4. Enjoy reading!

Service is charged automatically to your account daily until it is turned off. In the subscriber account details, such writing off will be shown as Access to Mnogobook Service. The subscriber fee will not be charged when using Pause service and at financial hold. If the hold period exceeds 29 days, the subscription will be terminated automatically.

When using the service on A1 network, the Internet traffic will be rated in compliance with the Mobile Internet service connected and the subscriber plan (when roaming – according to the roaming tariffs).

The service will be available for A1 subscribers other than prepaid tariffs subscribers.

To get connected:

To get disconnected:

  • send SMS Stop knigi to number 6767 (SMS to number 6767 will not be rated);
  • сontact the Online Consultant. On any page of the My A1 application, click the icon with a question mark - select Contact a company - click the Online Consultant button.

Depending on a book category, it will be possible to make a single purchase for 3.5 rubles w/ VAT or 7.5 rubles w/ VAT or daily payments of 0.40 rubles w/ VAT when subscribed to access other books in the library.

At the initial subscription, the subscriber will be given a free introductory period for 3 calendar days. You can learn the cost of a specific book on the book description page at