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Kids Club

Advantages of Kids Club:

  • 1 trial day for free after the first login;
  • a number of installations is not limited;
  • no advertisements in the apps;
  • the content is updated weekly;
  • all apps are secured from malware;
  • you don't need to add a payment card to your account;
  • game bonuses in the apps are free of charge.


Download numerous games and apps for kids.


  • To download apps from a catalogue to an Android device, you should enable download not only from PlayMarket but from other sources.
    • Select Applications in your mobile Setting;
    • activate "Other sources" option.
  • For correct operation, use a default browser or Opera mini version 4.3 or higher.
  • All services are connected to Kids Club. If disabled, the service allows to open apps 5 times, then they become unavailable.
  • The information is stored for 2 month after the service is disactivated. If you'd like to use the installed apps, just renew subscription within 60 days.
  • If the payment is delayed for 30 days, the services is disabled.


The service is provided to all customers using Internet Access and Android OS version 2.3 or higher.

The service is provided to private and business customers using all plans mobile internet.

How to activate:

  • Go to Kids Club website and press Subscribe. Then you can download games and apps directly form the website;

How to deactivate:

  • go to Kids Club website, Profile section (bottom of the page) and press Unsubscribe;
  • send an SMS with the words "stop 1513" to 1919;
  • сontact the Online Consultant. On any page of the My A1 application, click the icon with a question mark - select Contact a company - click the Online Consultant button.
  • in the application "My A1" (on the page "Products - Services").


You can use Kids Club for free for 1 day after the first-time subscription. Starting with day 4, subscription cost will make 0,3 BYN per day.
SMS to a short number 1919 are not rated. After transfer to, the volume of incoming and outgoing data is charged according to your current plan rates.