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Fun Box

In Contacts section you can:

  • listen to other users' profiles;
  • leave messages for the profiles you liked;
  • record your profile;
  • lisen and reply to messages from other users;
  • edit and remove your profiles.


In Player section you can:

  • listen to music;
  • add tracks to your playlist.


In Jokes section you can:

  • listen to jokes;
  • add jokes to your personal collection.


In Tests section you can take all kinds of tests: for women, for men, and other psychological tests.
Adult Content works for users after 18 years old.
You can listen to stories with adult content and create a personal collection.

Subscription is charged by paid incoming SMS from 57575. The invoice shows such SMS as "incoming SMS charges".
SMS are received in mute mode and are not stored in phone memory.
SMS are sent to the customer daily, until the service is disabled.
The service is not charged in Pause or during financial block. The service is deactivated after 30 days of block.
If Caller Line Identification Restriction is on, the customer should temporarily enable Caller ID (e.i. dial *31#7878call key).
FunBox is available only in A1 coverage area.

The service is not available to prepaid tariffs customers.
The service is not provided in roaming.

The service is available to all A1 customers (except for prepaid tariffs customers)

How to activate
To use FunBox, enter voice portal by calling 7575, follow voice menu instructions and choose the section you'd like to subscribe:

  • Contacts;
  • Player;
  • Jokes;
  • Tests;
  • Adult content.
How to deactivate
  • In 7575 portal, press number 7 - "Subscription management" and follow the instructions;
  • call to A1 inquiry line;
  • in A1 centers.


You can find the rates for each section here.
Call to 7575 are free of charge.