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Fitness Club

Detailed information

By activating the Fitness Club service, you can get several advantages at once: 

  • 1 day for free at the first connection;
  • the number of application downloads and video views is not limited; 
  • there is no advertising in the applications; 
  • weekly content updates; 
  • all applications are protected from viruses; 
  • there is no need to add a payment card;
The service allows you to download an extensive catalogue of specialized sports applications at an affordable price.
  • To download applications from the service catalogue on a mobile device with Android OS, you must enable the installation of applications not only from the Play Market, but also from other sources. To do this: 
    • in the menu of your mobile device, select the “Settings” item and the “Applications” tab; 
    • activate the “Unknown sources” menu item. 
  • For the correct operation of the service, use the built-in browser of your mobile device or Opera Mini version 4.3 and higher. 
  • Downloaded applications are linked с to the availability of the Fitness Club service. If you disable the service, the applications can only be launched 5 times, and then they will become unavailable. 
  • Information about downloaded applications after disabling the service is stored for 2 months. If you want to use downloaded applications again, simply renew your subscription to the service within 60 days. 
  • In case of non-payment within 30 days, the service is automatically disabled.
The service is provided to all company’s subscribers if the Mobile Internet service is connected and a mobile device with the Android operating system (version 2.3 or higher) is available.

The access to the service is provided to the company’s subscribers - individuals (including prepaid tariffs subscribers) and legal entities, users of the Mobile Internet service.

How to connect to the service: 

  • go to the Fitness Club website from your mobile device and click on the “Subscribe” button. After that, you can download games and applications directly from the website; 

How to disable the service:

  • go to the Fitness Club website from your mobile device and to the “Profile” section (at the bottom of the page) and click the “Unsubscribe” button; 
  • send an SMS with the text  “stop 1512” to the number 1919; 
  • in the company’s sales and service centers or by calling the company’s information service.

You can use the Fitness Club service for free during the first day when you connect the service for the first time. Starting from the fourth day, the subscription cost will be 0.3 rubles per day.

The SMS to the short number 5949 are not charged. When switching to, the amount of information received and transmitted will be paid according to your tariff plan and the scope of services connected.