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Change your SIM

About the service


You can buy a new SIM card if it is lost/stolen, the existing one is blocked, or if you need to change the size of your current SIM card.


When replacing the SIM card, operator and subscriber forwarding is preserved.


After replacing the SIM card, the data stored on it are not automatically transferred to the new SIM card.


Who can replace the SIM card:

  • all subscribers of the company (individuals and legal entities).



Types of SIM cards

How to replace a SIM card

  • For individual subscribers, the service is provided on the basis of an identity document.


  • For subscribers being legal entities, the replacement of the SIM-card can be made by contacting:
  1. The head. The service is provided on the basis of:

    - a document confirming the authority of the head* (original/copy);

    - an identity document.

    * The documents confirming the authority of the head are: identity document of the head of a political party, public association, its unions (associations), fund; order of appointment to the position; employment agreement/contract; civil contract; minutes of the body authorized by the charter of the organization on the election as the head of the organization.

  2. Another representative of the organization. The service is provided on the basis of:

    - the organization’s standard form application;

    - an identity document;

    - a power of attorney to receive material assets.