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Change your SIM

Detailed information

The service permits to buy another SIM after a loss or theft, in case the existing SIM is blocked or if you need another SIM size.

  • MicroSIM - a reduced SIM. Despite the difference in sizes other MicroSIM parameters (chip contact area, memory capacity, programm and eletric interfaces) are identical to regular SIMs;
  • NanoSIM (SIM 12,3 х 8,8 mm wide and 0,7 mm thick);
  • Combi-SIM (standard/micro);
  • Trio-SIM (standard/micro/nano);
  • TWIN - two identical SIMs with equal parameters of any size. If you have the second phone you use in the car besides you regular phone, you don't have to switch SIM from one phone to another. To use a TWIN card in one of the phones, you have to switch off the other.

After a SIM change call forwarding settings are canceled.

In case of TWIN SIM change, both SIMs are subjected to change.

TWIN SIMs are unavailable for PRIVET customers.

You can change a TWIN SIM in velcom centers only.

The service is available to all A1 customers.

Private customers may change a SIM only with an ID.
Business customers can change a SIM based on written application signed by:
* Documents authorizing the power of the company head are: certificate of the head of a political party, social activity group or its assosiations, a fund, an assignment order, a labour contract, a legal contract, the assigmnet protocol for the elected company head.

  • the company head. You should enclose:
    • a document authorizing the power of the company head* (original /copy);
    • an ID;
    • the company stamp.
  • a company representative. You should enclose:
    • a standard application form;
    • an ID;
    • a power of attorney to receive material assets.