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Back in the Network

Detailed information

The service helps to inform the customers who were calling you, while you were out of reach, your phone was switched off or busy, that you are back in the network.

After you get registered in A1 network, the customers who were calling while you were unreachable or busy, will get a notification.

The service is rendered correctly only in A1 network.

The information about missed calls is stored for maximum 4 hours after the call was made. After a 4-hour-period expires, the information is deleted and callers do not get notifications. A notification will not be sent if a caller used Caller Line Identification Restriction, at the moment the call was made.

The exeptions are the cases of temporary Caller ID activation.

Messages "Back in touch" are sent from 9 am to 8 pm.

Notifications are sent to A1 customers only. The service is applicable only for customers with a Missed Call (the service activation is not required from the calling parties).

The service is available to all customers with Missed Call).

How to activate/deactivate for A1 customers:

How to activate/deactivate for prepaid tariffs customers:

  • via USSD *126*1*5#call key
  • via My A1