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Favourite Number

A1 customers can make calls to selected numbers at special rates.

Any A1 number (private or business customer) or a prepaid tariffs number can be a Favourite number.
Activation or change of a favourite number is processed within 24 hours.
You may not delete a Favourite Number on your own.
A number is deleted from the Favourite if:

  • the number moved from A1 to a different network;
  • the number changed;
  • if a Favourite number contract was terminated.
In these cases assignment of a new number is free of charge.



  • The number of favourite numbers depends on your plan.
  • After plan change favourite numbers are deleted.
  • After contract change without plan change favourite numbers are saved.


If a customer is a member of a Closed User Group, another customer of this Closed User Group cannot be assigned as a favourite number.

The service is provided to all A1 customers, if applicable under the plan used.

How to activate / change
For A1 customers:

  • via USSD *141*3*3# call key
  • via My A1
For prepaid tariffs customers:
  • via USSD *126*7# call key;
  • via My A1