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Caller Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

With Caller Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) you may stay anonymous when making calls in A1.

If your caller line identification is restiricted, your number shall not be displayed on the recipients' phones.
If you send texts or MMS your number shall be identified.
If the service is activated, you can temporarily deactivate it:

  • For a single call: *31# (call receipient's number) call key) the number should be input in the international format +375АВХХХХХХХ, 80АВХХХХХХХ, 810375АВХХХХХХХ, 00375АВХХХХХХХ);
  • For several calls: in your phone settings.


CLIR may work incorrectly when you call to other networks or abroad.
While making calls to short numbers, a user should switch on caller ID or dial *31#short number.
If Waiting for a Call service is used a recipient will see caller ID in the SMS.
For calls to a subscriber with a Missed Call service activated, the recipient will not receive a notification message about a missed call.

CLIR is available for A1 customers.

How to activate/deactivate

After activation/deactivation, please adjust corresponding phone settings.