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My A1

"My A1" is easy to deal with

  • Check current balance

    See the remaining included minutes, SMS, MMS and Internet traffic!

  • Activate new services

    Make purchases directly in the application - activate services and choose packages with the necessary traffic volume!

"My A1" is simple to use

  • Get to know about your tariff plan

    Remember what is included in your tariff!

  • Choose a new tariff plan

    Choose a new tariff that will take into account all your preferences!

"My A1" is fast

  • Find your nearest A1 Store

    Find the store you want and shop

Still don't have "My A1"? Download it!

Detailed information

  • Automatic login

To register in the application through the "Automatic login", you must turn on the Mobile Internet, open the application, click on the corresponding button on the main page of the application, enter the password twice, which will serve as a password for entering both the Personal Account and the application. Then click the "Register" button. In the future, when using the "Automatic Login" via the Mobile Internet, you will not need to enter the password.

  • Login by SMS

To register in the application, you must select the "Login with login" item. If you do not have a password to enter yet, you must select the item "Login with SMS-password". In the field "Phone number" you must enter a contact mobile phone number. After entering the number, click on the "Get password" link. An SMS message will contain a code that must be entered in the SMS password field or use auto-substitution. At the last step, enter the password twice, which will serve as the password for entering the application. Press the button "Register".

  • Login with login

To register in the application, you must select the link Register / Forgot Password at the very bottom of the screen, or select the item  Login with login , then the link Register / forgot password. You will be redirected to the registration page, where you will be prompted to Register . After that, you must enter the Contact number  and choose the registration method:

  • SMS: press 'Send confirmation code', wait for an SMS-message with a code and enter it in the 'SMS-code' field;
  • USSD: to register via USSD, dial *141*0# from your mobile device and follow the prompts.
  • PUK 1: enter the PUK1 from your SIM card in the corresponding field.

ATTENTION! To be able to register by PUK1, the service Registration by PUK1 must be activated. (service connection is made in A1 brand stores).

Next, you need to come up with a password that will serve as an entrance to both the application and the Personal Account. After completing the registration process, you must return to the application, select the "Login with login" item, enter your phone numbers as a login and password.

The application is available for all A1 subscribers, tariffs with a monthly fee, Privet tariff plan subscribers, as well as A1 fixed-line communication subscribers.

My A1 application it is a convenient way to quickly check your balance, traffic balances. It also allows you to:

  • view payment history;
  • register unconfirmed payment / available balance;
  • get information on installments;
  • find out your bill for previous months with data decryption;
  • enable and disable services;
  • find out information about our latest promotions;
  • add additional numbers to view information on them

Yes, you can!

To do this, from any page of the application, click on the icon of the little men with arrows (upper right corner) in the window that appears, click "Add another account" and select the desired login type.

1. If you are a subscriber of mobile communications - select the block "Mobile communications".

If you have already registered in your Personal Account / Application, then enter your existing username and password to enter;

If you forgot your password, click Forgot your password.

If you are not registered - press the button "Registration" and proceed as instructed by the system.

2. If you are a fixed-line subscriber, select the block "Internet for home and office".

There is no need to register, all users are registered automatically, so enter the login and password you received upon connection;

To add a subsequent account to the application, the action must be repeated. Use the same icon to switch between accounts.

Download and use of the application are free.
At the same time, when downloading, updating and using My A1 application, mobile Internet traffic is paid according to the terms of your tariff plan. Download and operation of the application in roaming are paid according to the tariffs for mobile Internet in roaming.

The application interacts with A1's internal systems via the Internet, so its availability is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the application and updating the information in it.
To operate the application, you can use any Internet connection — 2G/3G/4G, as well as Wi-Fi.
When using mobile Internet and data transfer is turned on, mobile traffic is consumed according to your tariff plan and the included Internet package.
The currently available version of the application is the one for Android (version 4.1 and higher) and for iOS (version 10.0 and higher). The application can be installed not only on smartphones, but also on tablets that support these operating systems.

А1 team works to improve the operation and update the functions for users of the application every day. We welcome all remarks, suggestions and comments!
All questions related to them can be sent to the address: