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International Roaming (on prepaid plans)

Detailed information

The “International Internet Roaming” for prepaid tariffs subscribers is a service that allows you to use high-speed data transmission technologies (GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA)* in the networks of foreign mobile operators, with which Unitary Enterprise А1 has entered into relevant agreements for prepaid tariffs subscribers. Thanks to the service, information and entertainment resources of the Internet, as well as the exchange of multimedia messages (between velcom/prepaid tariffs subscribers and subscribers of other networks with which MMS exchange is open) are becoming available to roaming subscribers.

* The ability to use high-speed data transmission technologies is provided only in the networks of operators that provide this opportunity.

The service is available to prepaid tariffs subscribers who are in the “Active” status, on the balance of whose personal accounts there are funds sufficient to pay for the services.

The “International Internet Roaming” service is provided automatically subject to the simultaneous availability of “International Roaming” and “Mobile Internet” and/or MMS services. When using the “International Internet Roaming” service in the network of the roaming partner operator, the settings and access points (APN) existing in the A1 network are used. Detailed information about the features of the “International Internet Roaming” service is available in the Procedure for the provision of the International Internet Roaming service of Unitary Enterprise А1.

Balance check

You can find out your account balance while roaming, using: USSD request * 120 # and call key:

  • information will almost instantly appear on the screen of a mobile phone. USSD in roaming works only in the networks of those operators that support this service (this information can be obtained in the company's service department);
  • subscriber services Internet services: to check the balance, log in to ISSA at using your password. Select the menu item "Personal Information", where you will find the necessary information;
  • call to the number +375 29 6 000 150: dial the number and ask the operator for information about the balance of funds in your personal account. The cost of an outgoing call is paid according to the tariffs of the International
  • roaming service for prepaid tariffs subscribers. Top-up balance While roaming, you can top-up your personal account balance using a prepaid tariffs prepaid card and various online payment systems. to replenish your account using a prepaid card, use the USSD request * 124 * card code # and the call key (provided that the network where you are registered supports USSD). When the card is activated, the balance is automatically replenished by the amount of face value indicated on the card;
  • you can also use online payment systems. These services based on USSD in roaming (in the networks of operators supporting this service) are provided without charge.

The “International Internet Roaming” service is available in the networks of А1 roaming partner operators, with whom an appropriate agreement has been concluded. The availability of the “International Internet Roaming” service in the network of a foreign operator can be checked on a dedicated page of the website. А1 is not responsible for the quality and area of GPRS/UMTS coverage of the roaming partner operators.

You can check the availability of services when roaming in the network of a specific operator here.

Detailed information about roaming tariffs can be obtained in the customer service department or on a dedicated page of the website.

The procedure for providing the “International Internet Roaming” service is an active line with a link to the page.

You can contact a representative of A1 from roaming:

  1. by phone +375 29 6 000 150 (outgoing calls are not charged);
  2. order a call by filling in form on the company's website at the address" About the company "/" Contacts " (incoming call are not charged, subject to the availability or correct identification of the caller's number);
  3. get an online consultation on the website company, in the application "My A1" or in the Personal Account (Internet traffic is paid at roaming rates);
  4. write to Facebook,,, Viber, Telegram (Internet -traffic is paid at roaming rates);
  5. write a letter to the email address 150@а (Internet traffic is paid at roaming rates).