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Erroneous Payment

Detailed information

USSD requests *141*7#call key or My A1 applications are approved only if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • there are no more than 2 different digits in a wrong number compaired to the correct number;
  • the correct number belongs to a private customer, including with prepaid tariffs customers;
  • payment amount does not exceed 50 BYN;
  • the payment was made not earlier than 14 days ago;
  • the total number of requests from one customer per month does not exceed

The refund application is reviewed for 3 working days. As a result, you will receive a notification to your contact number.

You should keep the receipt until the payment is refunded.

In other cases, please address A1 centers (if a wrong payment was made to a A1/with prepaid tariffs number), or stores of another operators who received an erroneous payment (all required information can be found in the receipt).


Detailed information about required documents is here.

Private customers (including prepaid tariffs customers) can personally register an erroneous payment.

How to apply for a refund:

  • via USSD *141*7#;
  • via My A1;
  • at the A1 sales and service centres or at the office of the official representatives on the basis of an identity document and a payment receipt, if the conditions for registration via USSD are met.



To register an erroneous payment you will need:

  • the correct number
  • a wrong number
  • the payment date in DDMMYYYYHHMMSS format
  • Payment amount (if a commission was charged, the sum should be provided without commision).