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Devices on credit in A1

What are the advantages?

  • Flexible loan terms from 12 to 48 months.
  • You don't have to wait to save the necessary sum.
  • You can purchase devices on credit even if you have previously arranged an installment payment in A1.
  • If necessary, you can take out a credit only for the missing part of the funds. This option is available when applying for a loan in A1 stores.


Where can I buy a device
on credit?


A new device on credit can be obtained from Alfa-Bank in all A1 stores and the online store, and from BelVEB Bank in stores in Gomel, Lenin Ave. 3 and Borisov, st. Chapaeva 1, Minsk, st. Melnikaite 14, Minsk, Independence Ave. 105.


Detailed information

The loan is provided by Alfa-Bank CJSC and Bank BelVEB OJSC

In A1 stores, a loan can be issued to an individual who is an active user of services under a mobile or fixed telecommunication services contract. In A1 online store, a loan can be issued to an individual who is an active user of services under a mobile communication services contract.

Bank's requirements to the borrower: Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens or stateless persons who have a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus.

  • The Borrower's age at the time of submission of documents should be from 18 years old and not more than 69 years old at the time of loan repayment.
  • Continuous work (service) experience at the last (present) place of employment should be at least 3 months.
  • MUST have a cell phone, as well as the phone number of a contact person for urgent communication (spouse if available, if otherwise, other contact person should be indicated).
  • The validity period of the identity document (Passport, residence permit, ID-passport) should not be less than 35 calendar days from the day of applying for a loan.
  • Passport or ID card.
  • Passport or residence permit (for foreign citizens and stateless persons).
  • To purchase a loan from BelVEB Bank, male applicants under 21 years of age must have a military ID.

You do not need a certificate of income when buying on credit. It is necessary to have a continuous record of work (service) at the last (present) place not less than 3 months.

Lending from Alfa-Bank

  • Via ERIP: Financial services — Banks, non-banking credit and financial institutions — Alfa-Bank — Replenishment of account for loan repayment.
  • In the mobile bank INSYNC.BY.
  • In branches of Alfa Bank CJSC.

Lending from BelVEB

  • In the UP mobile application
  • In the Internet banking system of BelVEB Bank. To repay, you need to go to the “Loans” section, select the loan that needs to be repaid, and click the “Repay” button, where you can see the balance of the principal debt on the loan.
  • In the ERIP system: Banking, financial services -> Banks, NKFO -> BelVEB Bank -> Loan repayment and enter the account number that will be sent via SMS to the phone number specified in the application form.
  • At branches and information kiosks of the Bank. To repay, you must enter the date of the loan agreement and the number of your identification document at the information kiosk.

You need to apply to an A1 store or an authorized service center. You should have your device and the warranty certificate.

You should contact Alfa-Bank CJSC to resolve any questions on the loan agreement:

OJSC "Bank-BelVEB"

  • Equipment on credit cannot be purchased under the Trade-In program.