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Service Access Code

Access code is a combination of letters or numbers a customer specifies in an application which serves the purpose of customer indentification to the inquiry line or in velcom centers.

velcom private customers working with A1 plans can activate and deactivate the following services via the inquiry line or in velcom centers using Access Code:

  • International Calls;
  • International Roaming;
  • A1 international 100/250;
  • Roaming. Vacation;
  • Roaming.Business;
  • Roaming. Online;
  • Caller Line Identification Restriction;
  • Conference Call;
  • My A1;
  • «Pause;
  • Fax;
  • Internet Access.
Manage Voice Mail service:
  • enable/disable Plus package;
  • delete password;
  • set/ cancel password.
You can use your Access Code to:
  • learn your PIN and PUK codes;
  • check the arrival of payments;
  • get information about your charges;
  • pause/restart the services in case of SIM loss;
  • cancel subscription to velcom offers;
  • refuse from call forwarding for Missed Calls;
  • delete network password;
  • disable Infinite Music with Opera;
  • activate/deactivate Internet without Settings.
Prepaid tariffs customers can:
  • get information about PIN/PUK codes;
  • get information about prepaid tariffs services (except for call details);
  • get information about the balance and charges;
  • set/cancel temporary block.



  • You can use Access Code to activate or deactivate the same service once in 24 hours.
  • All actions related to Access Code are considered made personally by a customer. The customer is personally responsible for Access Code security.


velcom customers can activate/deactivate/change access code in A1 centers (you'll need to provide your passport).
Prepaid tariffs customers can assign Access Code upon prepaid tariffs plan purchase.
Prepaid tariffs customers can change Access Code:

  • via My velcom (if applicable);
  • in velcom centers (you'll need to provide your passport).
Prepaid tariffs customers cannot delete Access Code!


You can find more information on Access Code here.