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Children Online

Detailed information

Children Online is a service which blocks websites related to the following content: abortion, adult content (sites with content for adults (18+), featuring information on sexual relations, sex-shops, etc.), action groups (sites of opinion forming organizations), alcohol (sites promoting alcohol consumprtion), alternative believes, dating, extremist groups, gambling, underwear, marijuana, nudity and obscenity, pornography, sexual education, blood sports and war games, tobacco, weaponry and arms, child abuse, discrimination, hacking, sites containing unlawful and immoral methods and instructions of deceitful practices, plagiarism, anonimazing websites, violence, malicious websites, phishing, spam-URL, etc.

  • After activation of the Children Online service:
    • turn on/turn off the device;
    • clear the cashe
  • If you deactivate the Internet Access service, Children Online will be deactivated as well.
  • The company does not guarantee filtering of prohibited sites, if consumers use browsers with own proxy-servers, or 100% blockage of inappropriate sites by other browsers, because of device limitations.
  • You can check if the site belongs to the restricted group in My velcom or at

The service can be activated For prepaid subscribers, provided that the balance amount exceeds the amount of the service charge.

The service is provided to all customers with active A1 Internet Access / Internet Access on prepaid plans. .

How to activate:
For private customers:

For business customers:

For prepaid subscribers:

  • via a USSD *126*1*7*3# call key;
  • via My A1.


How to deactivate:
For private customers

  • in A1 centers or in dealer sales points (you'll need to provide your ID).

For business customers:

For prepaid subscribers: