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Detailed information

The service allows subscribers of the company - mobile Internet users to protect their subscriber device from malicious software that can take possession of personal information, cause serious harm to the data or even to the device itself.

The service automatically filters and analyzes incoming data.
Malicious data is blocked and a respective system message is shown.
The Antivirus serivce does not conflict with any antivirus app, installed on your smartphone. You can use two types of virus protection simultaneously.

The service is provided in the presence of the activated service "Mobile Internet A1" / Mobile Internet on prepaid tariffs. When the Mobile Internet service is disabled, the Anti-Virus service will be disabled.
Subscribers can use the service in the absence of outgoing communication prohibitions and blocking. For subscribers of prepaid tariff plans, the service is provided if there is an amount on the balance sheet sufficient to charge the subscription fee.

How to activate/deactivate:
For private customers

For business customers

For PRIVET customers

  • via a USSD *126*1*7*1# call key;
  • via My A1.