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Call Forwarding

Detailed information

All calls – all incoming calls are redirected to a number you specified;

Conditional forwarding – incoming calls are redirected to a given number on the following conditions:

  • No reply – you don't pick up the call for a certain period (you may specify the exact period);
  • On busy – your line is busy and you do not reply the second call.;
  • Unreachable – your phone is switched off or you are outside the network range.

You can set Call Forwarding both for mobile and landline numbers.

Please choose a suitable forwarding type (all calls or conditional) and input the number which will receive your calls.

You can adjust the settings either in you phone or in My A1.

Call Forwarding works if the following services are available to a customer:

  • outgoing calls - for a number from which the calls are redirected;
  • incoming calls - for a number to which the calls are directed.

If a prepaid tariffs customer sets a Call Forwarding to another numbe, but the balance is insufficient to pay for a call the call will be interrupted.

Calls forwarded to another number are charged according to current plan rates or use up the minutes included in the plan.

No matter which mode the phone supports, all calls are rated as 2G calls.

In roaming unconditional forwarding (all calls) is charged according to A1 rates, and conditional forwarding is charged according to roaming rates.

Customers with data plans can adjust forwarding in phone settings only.

When International Roaming is activated, all conditional forwarding is canceled by default.

Unconditional forwarding is not canceled. To restore conditional forwarding send a USSD (within Belarus) *117#call key.

The service is available to all customers.

How to activate

  • via My A1
  • in phone settings Please input the number which will receive forwarded in international format: +375 - network/city code - phone number.

How to deactivate

  • via My A1
  • in phone settings • If the service is assigned by the mobile operator, customers can deactivate it in A1 centers or dealer sales points, or by a call to the iquiry line