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Drive 20

Tariff includes

Additional Features

  • The subscription fee for new subscribers, taking into account the discount, is 19.99 rubles / month for the first 12 months.
  • Subscribers served on the tariff «Drive 20» (except for the prepaid tariff «Drive 20») within the framework of the promo offer can connect the package «300 GB » service in the «My A1» application without charging a fee for the first 180 days.
  • Free delivery of a SIM card when connected in an online store.

With this tariff connect

Plan details

We provide


minimal upfront payment 

5,00 руб

Internet traffic

0,021 руб.

Intranet calls 

0,0544 руб.

Calls to landlines, other networks in Belarus 

0,1089 руб.

Calls to the closed user group

0,00 руб.


0,1171 руб.


0,078 руб.

SMS исходящие международные

0,16 руб.


0,1878 руб.

MMS abroad 

0,3068 руб.

Calls abroad (CIS)

0,7594 руб.

Calls abroad (Europe) 

1,2385 руб.

Calls abroad (other countries)

2,2784 руб.