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No Limits 2.0

Tariff includes

Additional Features

  • The subscription fee for new subscribers, taking into account the discount, is 20.99 rubles / month for the first 12 months.
  • Free delivery of a SIM card when connected in an online store.

Rate description

  • The "No Limit 2.0" tariff plan provides an opportunity to use the "Modem mode" service for distributing Internet traffic. 
  • 600 minutes of all networks included in the subscription fee of the "No Limit 2.0" tariff plan are spent on outgoing calls to all networks of mobile operators of the Republic of Belarus (including the A1 network).
  • Using a SIM card with the "No Limit 2.0" tariff plan is available only in smartphones and tablets.
  • To get unlimited minutes and traffic for 0 rub/month when connected home Internet leave a request.

С этим тарифом подключают

Plan details

We provide


minimal upfront payment 

5,00 руб

Internet traffic

0,00 руб.

Intranet calls 

0,0544 руб.

Outgoing within the network and to voicemail  

0,0544 руб.

Calls to landlines, other networks in Belarus 

0,1089 руб.

Calls to the closed user group

0,00 руб.


0,1171 руб.


0,078 руб.

SMS исходящие международные

0,15 руб.


0,1878 руб.

MMS abroad 

0,3068 руб.

Calls abroad (CIS)

0,7098 руб.

Calls abroad (Europe) 

1,1575 руб.

Calls abroad (other countries)

2,1294 руб.