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А1 grants three months Yandex Plus subscription to all new MEGA line customers

Promo description

New subscribers of high-speed home internet tariff line MEGA get free Plus Multi promo codes for 90 days. Plus Multi is a subscription with extended functionality and the most important advantage, i.e. the opportunity to share Yandex Plus with relatives, while each of the four users will enjoy their own recommendations of music, selection of films and Plus points.


Upon activation of any MEGA line tariff the customer receives SMS-message with a unique promo code* for trial subscription period Yandex Plus. This promo code must be activated before 15.04.2023 on https://plus.yandex.by/gift.


Thus, in addition to the package of services under its home internet tariff plan, the subscriber is immediately granted access for four people to all subscription options: Online cinema Movie Search, music streaming Yandex Music and collection of Yandex points.


Upon activation of MEGA Max tariff the customer gets excellent conditions for home internet, mobile communications and TV from VOKA with 25% discount for 24 months from the moment of connection.


The tariff plan features:

  • Home internet up to 100 Мbit/sec;
  • 130 TV-channels from VOKA;
  • Unlim mobile internet;
  • Unlim all-net calls.
  • At the same time, tariff plan MEGA Bit also offers discounts – promo subscription fee amounts to 15.90 rubles and to 22.90 rubles on tariff plan MEGA Hit.


Activation of MEGA requires an application on Internet.A1.by, through contact centre 150, at any A1 or dealer store, including retailers like Hello! and Na Svyazi.


Find out more on A1's official pages on social media, such as Facebook, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki, through an online chat on www.A1.by, as well as via the following single contact center number: 150.


For terms and conditions of Plus Multi subscription visit https://yandex.ru/legal/yandex_plus_conditions/. 90 days subscription of Plus Multi is free of charge with automatic extension for 11,99 rubles a month which requires bank card details. The said offer is valid for new users only who have not been previously subscribed to Yandex Plus or other subscriptions including it. One user can activate one promo code only once. In case of any signs of abuse of rights and opportunities, activation of YANDEX and its affiliates promo codes may become unavailable.